Renee Paquette Rumor
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

There is a rumor Renee Paquette is headed to AEW. The news comes after her husband, Jon Moxley, re-signed with the promotion.

Renee Paquette Rumor

There could be a familiar name appearing on AEW. There is a belief, Renee Paquette could be AEW bound very soon.

Fightful reports how AEW and Renee seemed to have deal in place. Although, neither side is confirming any report.

Also, there is speculation WWE reached out to Renee. But, as of Friday, she was not returning to WWE.

Lately, besides being a mother, Renee remains busy. She filmed WWE content and joined the Cincinnati Bengals broadcast team for a new show entitled Renee All Dey.

Before taking time off from pro wrestling, Renee worked for WWE for eight years. Her run ended at SummerSlam 2020.

If Renee is going to AEW, no word on what her role will be. We know when given a mic and a huge opportunity, she will probably crush it.

Details On AEW Re-Signing Jon Moxley

Renee Paquette Rumor

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Jon Moxley’s time in AEW will not be ending anytime soon. In fact, he just signed an extension that will keep him there for at least another five years.

The current three time AEW World Champion will also be used as a coach and mentor going forward. Now, we are learning more about Moxley’s deal.

Apparently, he never signed an extension back in May like many thought. Instead, he was working under a handshake deal with Tony Khan.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the timetable for Moxley re-signing with AEW.

Moley Worked For Months Without A Contract

“I know [his contract] expired in July,” said Meltzer. “He would’ve signed in May, so many people thought when May came and went.”

“Including me, I thought May came and went and they probably renewed his options or something, or he’d re-signed a deal.” 

At this point, AEW extended the deal until July. That was because Moxley was off TV as he entered rehab for alcohol.

“July came and went and he hadn’t signed,” said Meltzer. “But, he wasn’t going to leave, so he was working under his old terms while they negotiate certain things.” 

“Tony wanted certain things. [Moxley] wanted certain things.” 

According to Meltzer, Moxley never intended to rejoin WWE. Also, he did not use AEW to help broker a better deal.

Of course, during that period, he was the interim champion and actual world champion. So, AEW took a big risk as he could have walked out and been on a competitor’s program with gold.

Fightful learned that Moxley’s new deal means he can work for AEW and any of their international partners. Therefore, ROH and NJPW are options, but GCW would not make the cut.

As for the new titles of coach and mentor, Moxley has been holding some backstage meetings. They are described as going over well and guiding the company during difficult times; like the fallout from All Out.

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