Saraya Cleared AEW Action
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Saraya, once known as Paige in the WWE, retired from in-ring competition in 2017, due to a neck injury. She recently made her AEW debut, and a report reveals she’s now been medically cleared for action in that squared circle.

Saraya Is Cleared For AEW Action

The former NXT Women’s and Divas champion left the WWE in July of this year. While she could not wrestle, she had other roles within the company over the years.

WWE did not renew her contract for one reason or another. Saraya ended up officially becoming All Elite during Dynamite’s Grand Slam show.

This week, the star got “physical’ during a Dynamite segment. Saraya attacked Britt Baker, after the women’s Trio match.

The ladies exchanged blows, and others got involved. Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio talks about this during a recent episode.

Is Saraya Cleared For AEW Action? Will She Be Wrestling, Soon?

According to Bryan, Saraya has likely been cleared, due to this week’s Dynamite segment. It would be challenging to place her in a position like that one, if she wasn’t.

All arrows are pointing toward a program between her and Britt Baker. It’ll be interesting to see how AEW books Saraya, moving forward.

Paige entered NXT at the young age of 19. She did a lot in the company before she retired from in-ring competition.

Paige was the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion. She was also a two-time Divas Champion.

Speaking of the WWE, the company is going through a ton of changes since Vince McMahon stepped down. However, things seem to be in good hands with Nick Khan and Stephanie as co-CEOs, and HHH leading creative.

As such, there has been a ton of surprising superstar returns. There have also been some changes to both main roster brands.

It seems that there will be some added shake-ups in the near future. An NXT stable shall be called up, very soon.

NXT Faction Getting Call-up

According to Sean Sapp of Fightful, Legado Del Fantasma is getting a call-up to the main roster. Word is, they are heading to the Blue brand.

Saraya Cleared AEW Action

Source: @WrestleOps, Twitter, Screenshot

In addition, Joaquin Wilde, Santos Escobar, Elektra Lopez, and Cruz Del Toro have all been written off NXT storylines. There’s been a plan in place to call them up to either RAW or SmackDown.

The report notes that the stable is set to debut “imminently”. In addition, the creative team has been instructed to get the team some direction.

Will There Be Changes To The Group?

No word yet on whether or not the group will experience any name changes or any changes at all for that matter. HHH has a good pulse on NXT and talents, so here’s hoping they are booked well.

The group was formed in 2020. Under the faction, Escobar became an NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

For those that recall, in August, during NXT’s Heatwave special, Escobar was defeated by Tony D’Angelo. As per a stipulation in their street fight match, he was “banned” from NXT.

He’d show up the next week and take the rest of the stable from NXT. It’ll be interesting to see how the faction debuts on the main roster.

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