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Rock’s Daughter Debuting Soon, Behind Santana & Ortiz Issue

If things continue to progress, The Rock's daughter could be debuting soon. And, what was behind the Santana & Ortiz issue?

She’s been dreaming of it for a while, and it seems like The Rock’s daughter will be debuting soon. Plus, we’ve got some info behind Santa & Ortiz’ issue.

Rock’s Daughter Debuting Soon

Much was made about WWE signing her, considering who her father is. Now, The Rock’s daughter may be debuting soon.

NXT has a couple of rising prospects, one of which is The Rock’s daughter, Simone Johnson. WWE fans will know her as Ava Raine.

If wrestling is in the blood, then considering her family lineage, Ava Raine could be destined for greatness.

But before she can become the female Great One, she has to get started on television.

Hence why we are intrigued that The Rock’s daughter may be debuting soon.

rocks daughter debuting soon
source: @avarainewwe, twitter, screenshot

With Halloween Havoc tonight, NXT had a press conference. The subject of Ava Raine and other top prospects came up to Shawn Michaels.

That they were discussed before a show they are not on shows how people are excited for their arrivals.

Michaels did his best to be coy with his response.

However, he said he expects Ava Raine to arrive in NXT by early 2023.

The way he worded things, it sounded like there was even a chance she popped up before the end of this year.

But, since he knows fans love surprises, he was not ready to ruin one. Though it is likely we would see some sort of teaser vignettes ahead of her formal television debut.

That debut could be mere months away, and fans can only hope she’s anywhere close to as entertaining as her famous father.

Behind Santana & Ortiz Issue

They were once one of the more well-known and long-running teams, until they weren’t. Now, we have some behind the scenes info on the Santana & Ortiz issue.

If you’ve forgotten things, let’s first recap.

Santana & Ortiz had made a name for themselves all over the world as a tremendous tag team.

rocks daughter debuting soon
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They’ve most recently been working in AEW.

It wasn’t that long ago that there was a reported falling out between the longtime partners.

Things were said to be so bad between them that things nearly came to blows.

Due to the falling out, there was a rumor that Santana was trying to force his way out of AEW.

Thus far, that has not happened. Santana is actually off television due to an injury now too.

Konnan, friends with the duo, dished on some information about what might have been behind the Santana & Ortiz issue.

Specifically, Santana had an issue with how AEW was using the team. Ortiz, as noted by Konnan, was much more laid back about the circumstances.

It sounded like Santana wanted more opportunities within the company, and to be used more on television in bigger spots.

Meanwhile, the laid back Ortiz was comfortable doing what he was doing and didn’t see a need to upset that.

For now, the pair remain in AEW and things have not blown up on television.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Santana can return from his injury…or when his contract is up.

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