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rocks daughter debuting soon
October 22, 2022
If things continue to progress, The Rock’s daughter could be debuting soon. And, what was behind the Santana & Ortiz issue?
Ortiz Santana Same Page
July 13, 2022
Are the rumors true about AEW stars Santana & Ortiz not being on the same page anymore? Plus, is a creative change coming for Alexa Bliss?
Ortiz Finger Stadium Stampede
January 27, 2022
During an interview, Ortiz explains how he nearly lost a finger during his Stadium Stampeded entrance. Plus, an AEW star gets a new deal.
Ortiz & Santana AEW
October 27, 2020
Ortiz & Santana had a decision to make before signing with AEW & they explained their story. And, Vince McMahon is giving out a monster push.