kevin owens status raw
source: @fightowensfight, twitter, screenshot

With so many things changing, we have an update on Kevin Owens’ status on RAW moving forward. Plus, did AEW talent actually contact WWE leadership recently?

Kevin Owens Status On RAW

In case you might find yourself wondering about Kevin Owens’ status on RAW, we have a good update for you.

This one really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but here it is.

Based on recent reactions, Kevin Owens has officially been moved over to the babyface side of the RAW roster.

Again, not a huge shock, but confirmed via PWInsider.

Owens, long a favorite of many fans for his work in the ring and on the mic, has been enjoying a bit of a resurgence.

kevin owens status raw

source: @fightowensfight, twitter, screenshot

Since Triple H rose to his new position, we’ve also seen a return of Kevin Owens: Prizefighter.

And the results on RAW have been enjoyable.

While Owens was arguably the heel when he sent Ezekiel on a long vacation, he’s been cheered more and more each and every week.

Even if Owens didn’t use Steve Austin’s stunner as a finisher, you could reasonably see some parallels between Owens and Austin.

Austin got over with his anti-hero, anti-authority persona. Owens is channeling that, and with Hunter no longer micromanaging promos, Owens’ talents are shining through.

While he may not be the classic babyface “type”, he has massive fan support. So, in case you haven’t noticed in recent weeks, Kevin Owens’ status on RAW is quite solid.

Given that he is currently feuding with Austin Theory, I can’t help but wonder if we might see him battle for the briefcase sometime soon.

Did AEW Talent Contact WWE?

In the wake of many suspensions, did some AEW talent recently contact WWE leadership?

Some reports say yes…others say no. Regardless of the sources, it seems like it is a bit murky.

There are reports that indicated that members of The Elite-Kenny Omega and Young Bucks, specifically-had reached out to WWE.

It’s a tricky situation, for sure.

On one hand, I would not blame anyone who has concerns for their future somewhere exploring other options.

kevin owens status raw

source: @WrestlingSheet, twitter, screenshot

And we already know that, prior to the launch of AEW, that WWE had interest in the three mentioned.

It is therefor not implausible to think there might still be interest, should any of the three become free agents. But also, considering past mutual interest, this might be much ado about nothing.

There’s one complication, of course. Not only are all three currently suspended…but all three are also under contract and hold VP titles within the company.

So, it would seem unlikely that they’d be free agents any time soon.

Plus, if somehow any of them were terminated due to the All Out fallout? It seems to be a safe bet some significant non-compete clauses would be in play.

As it was noted via the Observer, some sources were adamant that the individuals reached out, but other sources swore they did not.

That said, all three do have friends in WWE, so if we want to play semantics here…it is entirely possible that they DID contact WWE employees…but not in any official capacity.

Considering that Tony Khan recently flipped out and threatened WWE over alleged tampering (ironic, isn’t it?), the smartest move is to deny.