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On Friday, Vince McMahon officially retired from WWE. The move wasn’t unexpected, but it still sent a shockwave throughout the wrestling world. While he had been out as CEO and Chairman of the Board for a while, he still retained creative control over WWE’s product. With Vince out of the picture, speculation began to ramp up around who would lead WWE creative. Several names were tossed around, but now we know that Triple H will be the leader of WWE creative, in addition to his role as EVP of Talent Relations.

Will Triple H Change WWE Creative?

I don’t expect monumental changes, but I think there will be adjustments to how WWE manages talent and storylines. In NXT, Triple H showed a willingness to let storylines ride out and emphasized in-ring showmanship more than Vince cared for. 

A direct effect will be that NXT products will likely have a better shot than in the past. Vince, who didn’t seem to pay much attention to the developmental brand, often fumbled big NXT stars or strapped them with radical character changes that took away from their work in the minor leagues. 

Triple H is more of a student of the game (I mean, he is THE GAME) and has an affinity for classic WCW and territory wrestling and angles. He also loves to play with a bit of an edge, so expect more off-the-cuff promos, backstage brawls, and wild angles.

This will be the first time someone other than Vince is controlling storylines, and the possibility of change alone has a lot of people, including me, excited for the future. 

The Internet Reacts To Triple H’s New Role

In general, the Internet seems pleased about Triple H’s ascension to the top of creative.

Many fans were big fans of how Triple H ran NXT before he was sidelined by Vince and later by health issues.

There are also reports that long-hated producer Kevin Dunn is on his way out, meaning we might see a new creative look and direction for WWE.

I’m seeing a lot of this type of wishful thinking. Even with Triple H up top, I don’t know if Johnny Gargano can carry the weight of the main roster.

Alexa, play “My Time.”

Why Vince McMahon Is Gone

I and others believed that the reason was probably due to impending bad news about Vince’s payments to women he slept with. It turns out that Vince misappropriated $14 million in company funds, failing to mark them as company expenses. 

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