Kenny Omega AEW Meeting
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At the mandatory AEW meeting, Kenny Omega was considered the harshest person to speak. Also, Iyo Sky almost left WWE before SummerSlam.

Kenny Omega Harsh At AEW Meeting

With Vince McMahon no longer running the show, WWE is changing for the better. Triple H is running creative and already reached out to several wrestlers.

He convinced some to stay in WWE and even brought back released superstars. Naturally, this led to the belief that WWE was talking to AEW talent still under contract.

Before Dynamite, Tony Khan held a backstage meeting. He made it clear that he did not want anyone under AEW contract to speak with WWE.

Now, when their contract is up, they can talk to whomever they want. Khan continued how he sent a legal letter to WWE about the matter.

Also present at the meeting was executive vice president and former AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega. According to PW Insider, Omega was very vocal during the meeting.

The reaction to Omega’s comments has been mixed. 

“Kenny Omega spoke and was the harshest towards the locker room in what we are told by some came off as ‘tough love’ and by others as really ‘heavy-handed.’ Some saw this as Omega trying to light a fire under the roster and others felt differently.”

We will see how the roster reacts as WWE has stepped up their game since the drastic changes.

As for Omega, he just returned to AEW TV after a lengthy absence due to countless injuries. He is part of the tournament, teaming with The Young Bucks, to crown the inaugural Trios Champions.

In his first match back, Omega did not look the same. He either returned too early or the damage done is too much for the body.

Next week, they take on Will Ospreay and Aussie Open in semifinal action.

Iyo Sky Almost Left WWE

Kenny Omega AEW Meeting

Source: @WrestlingCovers, Twitter, Screenshot

We began to see changes almost immediately once Triple H took over. His first pay per view in-charge was SummerSlam, which was considered a success.

Following the opening match, Bayley returned from injury that kept her away for over a year. Although, that was just the beginning.

Iyo Sky joined the main roster from NXT and Dakota Kia was rehired. All three are part of the same stable.

Before SummerSlam, fans had not seen Sky since NXT Stand & Deliver back in early April. Apparently, she was out after badly hurting her ankle.

On WWE After The Bell, Sky noted how she almost did not make it to SummerSlam. In fact, she was debating returning home to Japan.

“I’ve been here four years and I came here by myself,” said Sky. “I don’t have family here and that time is so tough.” 

“Then, I tried to think, should I stay here more or not. I got injured and after surgery, that time was thinking about my life again.”

Currently, she is in a good spot with Bayley and Kia.

Sky and Kia are part of the Women’s Tag Team Tournament and are in the finals. They will look to capture the gold on tomorrow’s RAW.