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Young Bucks Contract Status
January 5, 2023
The Young Bucks are major AEW stars. With their current deals up soon, what are contract status? Plus, the company plans to push a new talent.
aew having backstage issues
November 23, 2022
Following Full Gear, it seems AEW might still be having backstage issues. Plus after some teasing, NXT unveils Scrypts on Tuesday.
kevin owens status raw
September 14, 2022
With all the changes we’ve seen, what is Kevin Owens’ status on RAW? And, with rumors swirling, did AEW talent contact WWE?
aew issues numerous suspensions
September 7, 2022
Following the fracas after All Out, AEW issues numerous suspensions to those involved. Plus, will we ever see CM Punk vs. The Elite?
gargano open wwe return
August 18, 2022
Perhaps not a shock, but Johnny Gargano is open to a WWE return. Plus, Kenny Omega is back in AEW, returning on this week’s Dynamite.
johnny gargano keeping options open
November 27, 2021
With his contract soon to end, Johnny Gargano is keeping his options open. Plus, the Young Bucks have signed new deals with AEW.
The Rock Survivor Series
November 23, 2021
Things felt “off” without The Rock at Survivor Series, but he was initially supposed to be there. Plus, two top AEW stars not cleared.
cm punk daniel bryan
September 6, 2021
Now that both work for Tony Khan, CM Punk wants Daniel Bryan…just not quite what you’d think. Plus, new details on Daffney Unger’s death.
Randy Orton Matt Riddle
April 27, 2021
According to reports, Randy Orton pushed for a post-WrestleMania feud with Matt Riddle. Also, the Young Bucks mock a former WWE executive.
nxt reunion was rejected
April 26, 2021
In all the fun of 2020, we missed out as one NXT reunion was rejected-find out which inside. Also, how much did WWE offer The Young Bucks?
original drew mcintyre plan
December 25, 2020
The Young Bucks recently gave their opinion on the Hardy Boyz. In other news, the original Drew McIntyre plan for WWE has been revealed.
Tony Khan A GENIUS
December 23, 2020
Some in AEW are calling Tony Khan a genius, and they may have a point. Also, could AEW break up one of their tag teams?
Several major injuries suffered during AEW Dynamite
Some of AEW’s biggest stars suffered major injuries during AEW Dynamite this week, putting the entire roster and subsequent storylines in disarray!
Young Bucks dream matches
January 8, 2020
The Young Bucks reveal their dream matches and both are against current WWE tag teams. Also, a rumor killer on WWE gimmick match.
Randy Orton Teasing Major Change +New Offer For Young Bucks?
October 21, 2019
Could Randy Orton be on the verge of a major career change? The Superstar is teasing as much via his social media. Also, Young Bucks have a new offer
Chris Jericho's Tag Partners Revealed + Jack Swagger To AEW?
October 2, 2019
AEW debuts on TNT tonight, and Chris Jericho will be part of a six man tag match. His partners were revealed last night. Also, will Jack Swagger join AEW?
How Close Were Young Bucks To WWE? + Alberto Del Rio MMA Match
July 10, 2019
We know the Young Bucks are with AEW now, but how close were they to signing with WWE? Also, former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio is returning
Young Bucks dream matches
July 10, 2019
Until CM Punk shows up for WWE or AEW, the rumors of him doing so won’t stop…so let’s talk about him talking to the Young Bucks!