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Is Superstar Getting Refreshed, WrestleMania Tickets Encouraging

With new management comes changes, and is another Superstar getting refreshed? Plus, early WrestleMania ticket sales have been encouraging.

Not the first time we’ve asked this while WWE is under new management, but is another Superstar getting refreshed? Plus, after the kickoff last week, it seems that early WrestleMania ticket sales are encouraging.

Is Superstar Getting Refreshed

Triple H is having an overwhelmingly positive impact on WWE so far…so is another Superstar getting refreshed?

We say another, because we’ve seen a couple already getting refreshed, and rumors of at least one more are out there.

Io Shirai was called up to the main roster during SummerSlam, and became IYO SKY in the process.

We’ve also seen the stunning return of Karrion Kross, and it’s a refreshed and much better presentation for the Superstar.

There have been reports that Dominik Dijackovic could be another Superstar getting refreshed.

His refresh could simply be abandoning the T-Bar gimmick and going back to his NXT likeness.

And, that’s something similar we could see with this next one. Which is why we ask, is this former NXT Superstar getting refreshed?

In this case, it would be the former Pete Dunne.

is superstar being refreshed
source:@petedunneyxb, twitter, screenshot

We’ve known him as The Bruiserweight, but most recently he has gone by Butch.

But, Dunne posted something  on social media recently that is leading some to think we might be seeing a bit of a change from his character.

It’s his second tweet in as many weeks, showing him off in his NXT gimmick. It could mean nothing…but there could be something to it.

I will say this…I have gotten used to Butch as a name. The gimmick itself could be lost, with Butch acting like a crazy and out of control kid at times.

Dunne, as The Bruiserweight in NXT, was a tough as nails Superstar who could punish you…no goofiness needed.

A return to that would be welcomed.

WrestleMania Tickets Encouraging

While the event is still months away, after last week’s kickoff, WrestleMania tickets are moving at an encouraging pace.

Specifically, according to the Wrestling Observer, early sales are said to be quite good.

WWE hyped that during Friday’s SmackDown as well.

WrestleMania 39, held next April in Los Angeles, saw tickets go on sale last week.

The biggest show on WWE’s annual calendar of events, fans come in from all around the world, and are already buying tickets.

is superstar being refreshed
source:@wwecareers, twitter, screenshot

While sales are encouraging early, we have no idea of the card thus far.

Day two tickets were of particular interest, which may indicate many fans are banking on a long-rumored Roman Reigns-Rock bout.

No such bout has been announced, and given WWE is under new creative management, it’s no sure thing that The Rock would even be in Triple H’s 2023 plans.

Either way, it’s a good sign that early sales have been strong.

I have a feeling sales would be good even under former leadership, given it is the biggest show of the year.

However, on the heels of SummerSlam, it is clear WWE is heading in a new direction, and that has fans around the globe more excited than in recent years.

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