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Dustin Rhodes Ready To Retire, Karrion Kross – Title Shot Date

After a lengthy run in the pro wrestling world, Dustin Rhodes is ready to retire. And, how long until Karrion Kross gets his title shot?

After a lengthy run in the pro wrestling world, Dustin Rhodes is ready to retire. Also, how long until Karrion Kross gets his title shot?

Dustin Rhodes Ready To Retire

Dustin Rhodes has been in pro wrestling for over 30 years. And, that is not counting the times when he was a kid helping his late father, Dusty Rhodes.

Throughout his career, he has worked for almost for every promotion imaginable. That includes WWE, WCW, Impact Wrestling and now AEW.

When AEW was being formed, Dustin Rhodes stood by his younger brother Cody. They even battled and teamed on AEW TV.

Fans have not seen much of Dustin lately. With Cody Rhodes now back in WWE as a major star, some thought Dustin was done.

That does not seem entirely true. While speaking at Terrificon 2022, Dustin seemed more interested in being a coach than wrestler.

“Right now, I think my head is at passing it on,’ said Dustin Rhodes. “I have done just about everything.”

“Whatever I can contribute this year last, I’ll do my best. But, coaching is really a lot of fun to me.” 

“I know it’s not for everybody but for some reason it just clicked and it’s my next step. I’m really good at it and I’m very patient with it.” 

“I’ve noticed, it’s like, I’m not a patient person and I’m very patient teaching. I love it.” 

“So, if I can pass on some knowledge that has done me well in the years, that’s the payoff. It comes full circle like that.”

The amount of knowledge Dustin carries is more than most wrestlers could fathom.

Currently, Dustin remains part of the AEW family. Also, he opened the Rhodes Wrestling Academy in 2020.

Karrion Kross – Title Shot Date

Dustin Rhodes Retire
Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

Roman Reigns is like an unstoppable machine the past two years. He is yet to be pinned or submitted and continues to hold both major titles in WWE.

Seemingly, there are few opponents left for Reigns. Currently, he is set to defend his titles at Clash At The Castle against Drew McIntyre.

If McIntyre does not win, there is still Karrion Kross. Last week, Kross returned to WWE, as the number two heel, in the closing segment with Reigns and McIntyre.

There is talk of inserting him into the title match. That could happen during tonight’s SmackDown.

As for a singles match, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted there were few options.

“Reigns is not booked on Extreme Rules in Philadelphia at this point,” the report stated. “If they go with Reigns vs Kross, as things stand right now, it would either be TV or the earliest would be Survivor Series barring the weekly circumstances involved in wrestling.”

Survivor Series is about three months away. That might be too long, so a match on SmackDown makes sense.

If anything, it gives a Reigns a new opponent to work with. Also, it should give WWE a nice bump in the ratings for that episode of SmackDown.

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