roman reigns the rock

There’s been plenty of talk about a WrestleMania mega-match, but here’s why Roman Reigns versus The Rock may not happen.  Also, what’s up with RAW Underground?

Roman Reigns – The Rock Issue

There’s been a lot of chatter, especially lately, about a possible WrestleMania dream match, but let’s discuss why Roman Reigns and The Rock may not happen.

The cousins have, of course, been linked for quite some time. Several years ago, no doubt in an effort to convince fans to cheer Reigns, WWE even brought The Rock out after a Rumble win by The Big Dog.

roman reigns the rock

It didn’t help.

Now, Roman Reigns has returned, reclaimed the Universal Championship, and embraced his heel persona.

All the while, you can’t help but sense that he and WWE are angling toward a massive WrestleMania dream match-Roman Reigns against The Rock.

There are plenty of reasons why it may not happen, however. The Wrestling Observer recently reminded us of perhaps the most pesky one of all.

The Rock, as one of the biggest movie stars around, has insurance to protect both him and the studios he works with. That insurance policy may prohibit him from wrestling.

There were already other obstacles and possible hitches in such a plan. For one, as of now, fans are just barely allowed back in arenas due to the pandemic.

It’s hard to imagine WWE putting on such a big match in a mostly empty stadium.

There’s also scheduling-once in the midst of a movie shoot, it can be a challenge, if not impossible, to get away to work a match.

Even if it is a WrestleMania mega-match.

However, if The Rock is covered by an insurance policy that explicitly forbids him from taking any crazy risks-like a wrestling match-then the dream match may be moot.

The policy would exist for a good reason, considering when The Rock last wrestled John Cena (at WrestleMania), he suffered a major injury in the process.

Still, when Vince McMahon wants something, he will work his hardest to make it happen. Will he be able to (or does he want to) make this Reigns-Rock WrestleMania mega-match happen?

What’s Up With RAW Underground

RAW Underground debuted a couple months ago, and has been met with plenty of comments good and bad. The segment has been absent of late, so what’s up with RAW Underground?

According to the Wrestling Observer, the segment may be dead and buried.

Welcome To RAW Underground

Initially, the unique matches were halted due to COVID-19 concerns, as the report explained. The next excuse to keep RAW Underground on ice was, of course, the recently concluded Superstar Draft.

Now that the latest COVID scare has subsided and the draft is done, things are becoming more clear.

And, for the time being, it appears that WWE is done with RAW Underground. Considering that, at one point, there was talk of a RAW Underground title, this would be a rather surprising end.

In total, we had less than two months of the segments. Some fans loved them, others panned them.

Still, it provided an interesting way for some Superstars to get screen time. One such talent, Daba-Kato, has now gone from RAW Underground monster, to RAW draft choice.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see WWE bring such a concept back at a later time, but it appears that, for now, the shaky camera work and shoot fighting are gone from RAW.