Ric Flair last match
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Ric Flair had his last match…right? The 73-year-old 16-time world champion seems to be open to wrestling again. Speaking on his podcast, the Nature Boy seemed to hint that he might reconsider his third retirement. 

Naitch was talking about wrestling in Puerto Rico a week later

“I wish I hadn’t said it was my last match. That’s gonna get heat. Hell, they wanted me to wrestle in Puerto Rico on Saturday night. I said, ‘Guys, I cannot get in the ring one week later.’ And the guy looked at me and said, ‘Well, you know what, could retire in Puerto Rico can’t you?’ No, no, no that’s not the point,” 

Instead, Flair had a brawl with rival and Puetro Rican legend Carlos Colon. 

Will Flair “catch heat?” Yes. Is it warranted? Absolutely. Ric Flair should never wrestle again. 

Rich Flair Must Stay Retired 

Naitch admitted during the match that he passed out twice from dehydration. That is two times too many. But maybe this is what he wants? Perhaps he wants to die in that ring? Unfortunately, I am sure there is some low-life carny out there who would let Flair wrestle on his show again. I can’t think of something less ethical. 

Flair still has plenty of energy; that much is clear. He can still be a great manager who brawls a bit ringside and maybe slaps on a Figure 4 leglock to get the crowd going. He does not need to wrestle a full-on match. Even with three young, fresher wrestlers doing much of the work, Flair still looked decimated after his match. 

I hope that he stays retired and rests on the great legacy he has already built. He’s already the greatest of all time. He doesn’t need to add “Wrestler dies in ring” to his legacy. 

We can all agree that this should have been his last match. 

Even eventual TNA opponent Jay Lethal felt awkward bout getting back in the ring with Flair when the Nature Boy came to Impact.

For his health, Flair has to stay retired. I know he thinks he can still go and still put on a banger match. But he has nothing to prove to anyone. He is the greatest of all time and should take comfort and rest in that.

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