is ric flair being erased by wwe
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Ric Flair is going for one last cash-grab wrestling match. As part of the Starrcast wrestling event on July 31st, Flair will wrestle his “final match” even though he hasn’t wrestled in nearly a decade and has been plagued by health problems. 

So who will Ric Flair’s “final”* opponents be? Flair will be in a tag match against two formidable and long-time foes. And luckily, he’ll have one of the best wrestlers in the world as his tag partner. 

Ric Flair’s “Last Match”

Flair has shared videos of him training with Lethal over the last few months, so, unsurprisingly, he will be facing off against the Ring of Honor and Impact star.

Jeff Jarrett is an exciting addition. Double-J is currently a VP with WWE and will be involved in the tag team title match at SummerSlam as a special guest referee. I wonder what deal Jarrett has with WWE that allows him to be on an indie event and PPV?

Andrade speaks for himself, he should be a top star somewhere instead of floundering in AEW. I hope he and Lethal get a lot of time to shine in the ring one-on-one. 

The good news about this is that Flair picked three solid workers, so ideally, he won’t have to do too much except a few woos, an eye-poke, chops in a corner, and a figure 4 for the win.

Is This Really His “Last Match”?

But knowing Flair and his supposed death wish to perish in the ring, expect the Nature Boy to do some dangerous stunts, take a few ill-thought-out bumps, and generally try to prove that he can still hang with the boys. 

I would love it if Flair stayed retired after his incredible match with HBK.

I don’t want this match to happen. It shouldn’t happen, and if something goes wrong in there, Lord help the greedy people who made it happen. 

*I gotta cool it on the quotation marks

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