big bout bobby lashley
source: @LMDCatch, twitter, screenshot

As one of the top Superstars in WWE, there could be a big bout on the horizon for Bobby Lashley. And, Matt Cardona is almost back from his biceps injury.

Big Bout For Bobby Lashley

The man has been on quite a run with WWE, and there could be a big bout coming up for Bobby Lashley.

However, whether that happens in WWE or not…that’s another story entirely.

According to a report via Sean Ross Sapp and Fightful, a boxing promotion has approached Lashley about a bout with the legendary Mike Tyson.

And, Bobby Lashley is said to be considering it.

Now, there are a few things to consider here.

First and foremost, Bobby Lashley is under contract with WWE.

He would either need permission from WWE to do the bout, wait for his contract to expire and work the bout, or…have the bout happen in a WWE ring.

big bout bobby lashley

source: @LMDCatch, twitter, screenshot

Given the risks that come with MMA and boxing, I have to think the first option is unlikely.

The second is always possible, if the timing makes sense.

Having a boxing match in a WWE ring? It has been done before, but not too recently.

And…such a marquis match could fit on the card of say, the biggest show of the year, right?

Now, this is just me speculating. But, if Lashley is interested…and assuming Tyson is too.

Why not WrestleMania?

Tyson obviously has a history with WWE, and has worked on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

While he could certainly have a reason to angle for a world championship bout, that may not happen.

If he can’t land a title shot, a big bout with Mike Tyson for Bobby Lashley is an intriguing option.

Matt Cardona Almost Back

Speaking of intriguing, Matt Cardona is almost back to the ring.

If only we could see him back in a WWE ring...but who knows about that.

As you may recall, Cardona suffered a nasty biceps injury just a few months ago.

Depending on the type and severity of the injury, some biceps injuries can take quite a few months to recover from.

And, while it seems like just yesterday he got hurt, we are hearing that Matt Cardona is almost back.

The news came from Cardona himself, as he gave an interview.

According to the man himself, he is nearly 100% recovered from his injury and subsequent surgery to repair it.

big bout bobby lashley

source: @themattcardona, twitter, screenshot

However, he aims to avoid any temptation to push himself back into the ring too soon.

After all, while athletes love to beat timetables for recovery, if you push back too soon, there is a significant chance of re-injury.

Wrestling fans certainly want to see Matt Cardona back in the ring sooner than later.

However, waiting another month or two (or however long it takes), in order to be back for the long haul?

That makes more sense for all.

Now, if perhaps the new WWE leadership team wants to bring back the former Mr. Ryder?

How sweet would that be?