aew star has surgery
source: @legitleyla, twitter, screenshot

A number of talents are injured, but at least one AEW star has had surgery recently. And a former WWE Superstar, Matt Cardona may be out of action for a while.

AEW Star Has Surgery

Injuries are never fun, especially the severe kind. One AEW star has had surgery to correct just that.

Specifically, Legit Leyla Hirsch took to Twitter to update fans about an injury she suffered, and that she is already on her road to recovery.

Hirsch was beginning to eye the  AEW women’s title picture at the time of her injury, so it’s a setback for sure.

aew star has surgery

source: @legitleyla, twitter, screenshot

With surgery now out of the way, Hirsch will turn her attention to grueling rehab, with an eye toward getting back into an AEW ring as soon as possible.

Given the typical timeframe for an ACL injury, it seems like a safe bet that we may not see Legit Leyla Hirsch back in an AEW ring until late 2022, or more likely, early 2023.

Matt Cardona May Be Out Of Action

In other injury news, former WWE Superstar Matt Cardona may be out of action for a bit of time too.

As with Hirsch, Cardona posted his news via Twitter.

Biceps tears requiring surgery can be a bit tricky to figure out, in terms of recovery times.

Video of his injury can be seen here:

But, according to Cardona…he may be cancelling some dates…but not others.

Cardona was a guest of  Busted Open, and his injury came up.

aew star has surgery

source:@themattcardona, twitter, screenshot

Especially as it related to his NWA title defense on June 11, at Alwayz Ready.

As he so eloquently put it, he’s not missing a show effectively named for him.

Now, considering he would enter as champion…and an injured one needing surgery…whatever plans might have been, it seems a safe bet they will change.

If he has surgery between now and June 11, would he be cleared to work? Would he delay surgery so that he could work the show, and then go under the knife?

Or, would he simply show up, after surgery, in street clothes, to surrender his title and vow to get it back quickly?

Lots of possibilities for that show, to be sure. Ultimately, if braced and protected, it may be painful but possible to have a wrestler work a match with a torn bicep.

Case in point, Matt Cardona finished his GCW match-and won-with that torn bicep. It may not be advisable, but it is possible.

And for the current NWA champ…that’s all he seems to want. 

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