nikki bella john cena
Source: custom, WWE Twitter screen cap

It took longer than expected, but the Bella Twins finally entered the WWE Hall of Fame and Nikki Bella thanks John Cena in the process. Also, Mike Tyson heads back to AEW.

Nikki Bella Thanks John Cena

Everyone knows about Nikki Bella and John Cena and their public-and failed-engagement. However, in her WWE Hall of Fame speech, Nikki Bella thanks John Cena.

nikki bella john cena

Source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

Not something fans might have expected, given all that happened between the two WWE Superstars.

However, time heals all wounds…even emotional ones.

Nikki Bella is clearly in a better place and time in her life now. She has a new love and a new baby, and now some new Hall of Fame hardware to go with it.

While the engagement and breakup might have been public and, ultimately painful…Bella still felt it made sense to acknowledge her ex.

From her speech (excerpt thanks to Thirsty For News)

And to John, thank you for helping me figure out this business and helping me find my fearless side

Simple, yet honest. Sure, there may be some haters who accuse Nikki of sleeping her way to WWE fame…but it wouldn’t be fair.

To imply her dating choices influenced her rise to the top would be lazy and unfair.

Whether it hurt or helped is not even relevant. She had to learn how to wrestle, she had to work at it as hard (or harder) than most.

It was Nikki Bella taking those bumps, and it was Nikki Bella who sustained those severe, career impacting injuries.

The induction of the Bella Twins into the Hall of Fame may not be the most popular, but both women absolutely earned and deserved their inductions.

Yes, both had help along the way. Basically anyone in any Hall of Fame ANYWHERE gets help along the way.

Nikki had help from many people, which is one reason she made sure to thank John Cena.

Mike Tyson Back To AEW

One of the best boxers in history is returning to the ring…sort of. Mike Tyson is heading back to AEW.

The move is happening now, basically, as part of AEW’s response to the two night NXT TakeOver event this week.

mike tyson back aew

Source: custom, AEW Twitter screenshot

The news was revealed by AEW’s head man, Tony Khan, when he spoke with Sports Illustrated.

Tyson is no stranger to the squared circle, of course. He is one of the best heavyweight boxers ever, and he has worked in WWE as well as AEW.

He made appearances for AEW in their first year of business, so there’s history there to play off of.

Having Iron Mike return this week, as AEW goes up against NXT’s two night TakeOver:Stand And Deliver is an interesting play.

The two companies have at times embraced and also downplayed any “Wednesday Night War”. At the same time, tonight marks the last time the two brands will go head to head.

At least, for the near future.

WWE confirmed that NXT’s weekly live show moves to Tuesday nights, beginning next week.

Officially, the move is as much to do with the changing NBCUniversal programming lineup as anything else.

Either way, if only for one final night, Mike Tyson heads back to AEW, aiming to knock out NXT one last time.