Matt Cardona Hoped For WWE Release, Cody Rhodes Praises Triple H

Matt Cardona Hoped Release
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Some like their job, but Matt Cardona hoped for a WWE release during one of the many mass firings. Also, Cody Rhodes has the utmost respect for Triple H.

Matt Cardona Hoped For WWE Release

Many believe working for WWE means you have made it. Although, after joining WWE, some quickly change their minds.

For Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder in WWE), he was ready to go after about 15 years. So, when WWE started cutting large chunks of talent the past year, Cardona was ready to move on.

While on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, Cardona noted how his WWE contact was up in August of this year.

“I knew the releases were coming that day and my biggest fear was that they weren’t going to release me, because my contract was up in August,” said Cardona. “I had not re-signed, I didn’t know if I wanted to stay or go.” 

“So I was like ‘oh my god, I hope they don’t release me and I just rot until August.’ So once I saw people going I was like ‘oh please. Please fire me!’” 

“I already had my Pro Wrestling Tees store set up. Listen, losing your dream job sucks. The paycheck coming in every week and then not coming in sucks.”

“But it was time to go. And ultimately the decision was made for me because I was living with anxiety for over a year negotiating this new deal.” 

“And then when the decision was made for me it was like ‘okay. It’s made.’”

Matt Cardona Remains Busy Since WWE Release

Since being released by WWE, Cardona has remained relevant. He was the first in WWE to capitalize on social media and the internet to avoid getting fired about 10 years ago.

He briefly worked for AEW and is now part of the Impact Wrestling roster. Plus, his wife to be Chelsea Green, just worked a match with him.

Then, over the weekend, Cardona became the GCW Homecoming Champion with a bloody win over Nick Cage. You have to see the videos from the violent encounter.

Cody Rhodes Praises Triple H

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Cody Rhodes and Triple H have similar jobs. Both hold management level positions in their respective companies and they also wrestle.

Although, we must note Triple H is more of a part-time wrestler nowadays competed to the younger Cody.

Cody spoke with Kenny McIntosh of Inside the Ropes and Triple H was brought up by the host.

Originally, Cody did not not want to share this specific information. But, he knew the story would eventually be told.

“Triple H is probably my favorite wrestler and was a role model,” said Cody. “I only watched from a distance, but he reminded me a lot of my dad in the sense that I watched him do all the work, be this executive, and then go out there.” 

“And, he was only part-time for the most part other than when I first started and had that run with him and Teddy and Shawn. He really was a model in terms of, ‘OK, you can do both, you can do both, but you have to be really disciplined. You have to take it really seriously.’” 

“And that doesn’t get you many friends when you’re the Hermione Granger of the company, and you just take it so seriously and are just a little bookworm.”

They did cross paths in WWE. Triple H was a main event wrestler with Cody still clawing towards the top. If anything, Cody certainly respects Triple H and what he has done for the business.

Surely, Triple H will be getting another WWE Hall of Fame ring down the line.