is riddle in trouble
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Just as he seems poised to get some main event exposure, is Riddle in trouble? Plus, one Hall of Famer returns to WWE for a significant position.

Is Riddle In Trouble

Based on recent events and reports, one Superstar seems poised for a shot at Roman Reigns…but before that can even happen, is Riddle in trouble?

We know by now, or should, that Riddle confirmed that he and his wife of 11 years have divorced.

A couple years back, the former tag champ admitted to cheating on his then-wife, and it was that infidelity that lead to the eventual divorce.

While the Original Bro is dating again, he may not be over his past demons.

Based on a social media posting, we have to ask…is Riddle in trouble?

Or, if he isn’t yet…could he be?

That is a question we don’t know the answer to…but a former girlfriend of the former tag champ shared some details of their past.

It does not paint Riddle in a good light.

is riddle in trouble

source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Instead of letting us believe that cheating on his longtime wife was a one time thing, it instead appears to be a pattern of behavior from the Superstar.

And, the allegations tarnish his image, for sure. So, are they enough to put Riddle in trouble?

Could WWE alter plans?

They can, and they have in the past.  Perhaps one thing working in his favor is things could have actually been much worse.

Plus…while he is slated to work with Roman Reigns, it’s not like he was set to pin the champ for all the gold.

However, if Vince McMahon ends up unhappy with this most recent development? All bets are off.

Hall Of Famer Returns To WWE

While many are leaving, one Hall of Famer returns to WWE…and in a big way.

Recently we’ve seen Superstars leave, and even Stephanie McMahon has stepped away from WWE.

But Jeff Jarrett, WWE Hall of Famer and a former champion, is returning.

According to PWInsider, it’s a significant position for the former Superstar.

Jarrett previously worked in WWE as a producer and handling live events.

He departed that position at the onset of the pandemic.

While he is coming back, this new role seems to be much more significant.

is riddle in trouble

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, while his previous duties involved live events…his new executive role appears to put him in charge of them entirely.

The timing will naturally cause some folks to wonder…is Jarrett coming back to take Stephanie’s jobs?

Could his return be done as a way of offsetting her absence, until she does come back?

That remains to be seen. While Stephanie has served as Chief Branding Officer, that does not appear to be in Jarrett’s wheelhouse.

If anything, it might have some overlap with what Hunter had been doing, and perhaps this is a move to help The Game?

Either way, it does seem like Double J has returned, and perhaps the return will help spruce things up.