aew stars get engaged
source: @sammyguevara, twitter, screenshot

It may not be a shock, given their hot and heavy romance, but a pair of AEW stars get engaged and it’s exciting! Plus, company talent are not happy they’ve been in the dark about MJF.

AEW Stars Get Engaged

After how things have gone for this pair, the news isn’t too shocking…but a couple of AEW stars get engaged, and we are here for it.

If you somehow have not figured out who, let’s just ruin the surprise.

Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti got engaged recently. And, it was no quiet and low-key engagement, either.

Guevara proposed to his now fiancee with the romantic Eiffel Tower serving as the backdrop.

The news was significant enough that even TMZ picked up on it.

aew stars get engaged

source: @sammyguevara, twitter, screenshot

Not surprising, but fans took to social media to post congrats to the happy couple.

Now, it might be interesting to see if AEW does anything with this.

Like, we’ve seen plenty of WWE on-air weddings. While this is a legitimate, real-life engagement, would Tony Khan and AEW bring it to their programming?

I have to think probably not…but nothing would ever shock me.

In any case, congratulations to the happy couple. 

Talent In The Dark About MJF

Now, in a bit of a surprise (maybe), it seems AEW talent have been in the dark a bit about what’s going on with MJF.

And, per reports, that talent isn’t too happy.

According to the Wrestling Observer, not many, if any, in AEW (outside of MJF and Tony Khan) know exactly what’s going on.

In case you missed it, MJF delivered a profanity-laced promo on Wednesday’s Dynamite, ripping into Tony Khan and his WWE signings.

The bit came to a close with MJF’s mic getting cut off, leaving some wondering if it was a shoot or a work.

aew stars get engaged

source@_Beastmode9000_, twitter, screenshot

According to the Observer, most in the AEW locker room figured it was a work-wrestling being wrestling, as it were.

But that didn’t mean the talent was happy. 

There are reasons for the unhappiness.

For one, Tony Khan has long indicated he would not insert himself into storylines, unlike his WWE counterparts.

While he has been on camera, it has never been as a character.

Now, with MJF railing on Khan…has that changed?

Key talent, seemingly some in executive roles (which narrows things down) are not pleased that they are in the dark about all of what is happening.

Now, the lack of knowledge means a lack of leaks, so if it is a work, it keeps fans wondering.

It is hard to imagine this whole situation isn’t being choreographed, of course.

In 2022, it seems unlikely that any promoter would put someone on-air with a live mic if they didn’t know what was going to be said.

Further, while MJF did end up having his mic cut, it wasn’t before he got a lot off his chest…meaning there was enough time to cut him off before they did…so they let him go.

Some things to ponder, which right now, we just don’t know…

With that promo, is it possible that Khan and MJF did indeed meet, and perhaps MJF got his extension and raise?

Clearly, he is one of AEW’s biggest stars, and both he and Tony Khan know it. With a new TV deal in the works, Khan should have the budget to throw Max a big offer…if he wants to, and if MJF wants to sign it.

Or is MJF legit not happy, and this is just his unhappiness on display?

Stay tuned…