rousey neidhart heating up
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The two women have a history, and now Rousey & Neidhart’s feud is heating up ahead of Money In The Bank. Plus, another legendary WWE referee passes away.

Rousey & Neidhart Feud Heating Up

As these things tend to do, the Rousey & Neidhart feud is heating up ahead of their upcoming title clash.

The two WWE Superstars meet in Las Vegas in a couple weeks. Ronda Rousey’s SmackDown Women’s Championship is on the line.

Natalya won a #1 Contender’s match several weeks back.

Since earning the shot, things have been chippy between the two on Fridays. That’s to be expected.

Recently, however, the sparring and jabs left the ring…and entered social media.

rousey neidhart heating up

source:@Bliss3240, twitter, screenshot

Rousey took a shot at Natalya and her family, and things just broke down from there.

Here’s Ronda, with the first shot:

And here is Nattie’s retort…

Now, given the two are heading for a title fight…it’s possible this is entirely part of their plan.

However…even though the two trained together, with Neidhart helping Rousey become a WWE Superstar…it’s entirely possible that this is a legit beef too.

One way or another, things should get settled…or at least worked out a bit…when the two lock up in Sin City.

Legendary Ref Passes Away

For the second time in the past week, a legendary referee passes away.

Last week, it was Dave Hebner. Now, Tim White.

The news was shared by WWE, and via their social media account.

rousey neidhart heating up

source:@nypost, twitter, screenshot

Here’s the company’s remarks on his death:

You can see just how much White meant to so many in professional wrestling, based on some of the comments.

Many other notables shared condolences and recalled just how amazing a ref and a person Tim White was.

If you grew up during the Attitude Era, or just happened to catch them somewhere online, you might be familiar with some goofy segments White was a part of.

Meaning, while he was a legendary referee, he had range as an on-screen character and made an impact.

Losing Dave Hebner and Tim White in a weekend is a sad loss for wrestling and, of course, for the Hebner and White families.

Referees don’t always get remembered, but those two made their marks.

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