MJF Tony Khan Heat
Source: @FightfulSelect, Twitter, Screenshot

MJF and Tony Khan have heat over the wrestler’s AEW contract. Also, Jeff Hardy is posing an epic tag team match.

MJF – Tony Khan Heat

AEW has created some of their own stars. Although, they had to bring in known names to draw a crowd and score a TV deal.

Before AEW, some people knew of MJF. He has been around wrestling for long enough to be known to promoters.

His biggest break, before AEW, was working in MLW. He was featured as one of the top stars and for good reason.

Tony Khan saw something special and quickly signed him when AEW was forming. MJF has been with the company since the first pay per view.

His first major program saw him work alongside Cody Rhodes. Then, he turned on Rhodes and has became the best heel in all of pro wrestling today.

He nearly won the AEW World Championship and has feuded with top names such as CM Punk and Chris Jericho. Basically, he has all the potential to be a star.

Heat Between MJF And Tony Khan Is Legit

Now, there seems to be problems between MJF and Khan. So, when MJF has spoken about leaving AEW for WWE for the right price, he is not joking.

Some of those comments, especially at first, caused AEW to speak with him. Fightful Select noted how both parties are now calm, but MJF could still leave.

“We’ve not heard of any outward frustration since then from Tony Khan’s side of things,” reported Fightful Select. “Though the two talked out their issues in the following week, we’re told that sentiment hasn’t necessarily lasted with MJF.” 

“Fightful has heard that MJF’s sentiments about possibly going to WWE when his contract are up are not in character, and it’s a subject he’s already weighed. There has been at least some progress on his future in AEW, as we’re told their have been open ended mentions about him possibly gaining an extension.”

If AEW was to lose MJF, that could be equally as bad like when Cody Rhodes left.

Jeff Hardy Reveals Wild Match Idea For AEW

MJF Tony Khan Heat

Source: @ProWFinesse, Twitter, Screenshot

Now that Jeff Hardy is in AEW with his brother, he seems much happier. Also, it means fans will get to see The Hardys team for at least one final run.

While speaking on AEW Unrestricted, Hardy was going over all the teams the company has. He has a dream match in-mind and it is doozy.

It involves a ladder, so no surprise. Also, it would feature FTR and The Young Buck; with many calling both teams the best around today.

“Well, totally like first and foremost, FTR and The Young Bucks are like number one, especially the one thing we never did before Matt and I went back to like WWE in 2017, we had this idea for this cinematic match called ‘Too Sweet or DELETE,’” said Hardy. “It can be amazing, with portals and whatever you throw in there, like just entertaining.” 

“The tag team situation in AEW is just so sick. It’s crazy. Anybody who wants to work I mean, we’re willing to work.”

The Hardys just teased a feud with The Young Bucks. They have met before under the ROH banner.

Toss in FTR and that could be the best tag team match ever. And, that is saying something, since AEW has produced amazing tag team action.