big e nearly died
Source: @089968Raph,Twitter, Screenshot

While it may seem overly dramatic, Big E nearly died when he suffered his broken neck a couple weeks ago. And, while he wants a lot out of AEW, CM Punk wants this program most of all.

Big E Nearly Died

Perhaps it’s a bit strong, but reflecting on his neck injury…Big E nearly died.

That is not even this site being a bit hyperbolic. Those words came from the injured WWE Superstar himself.

So, there are a couple things to take away from this, I think.

big e nearly died

Source: @089968Raph,Twitter, Screenshot

First, fine, maybe saying he nearly died is a bit extreme…but such an end result is entirely possible for what his injury was and could have been.

If not death, stroke and paralysis were very real possibilities. Remember right after SmackDown when Big E was grateful for not needing surgery?

That’s how lucky he was. No, the surgery would not have indicated any of the above outcomes…but if it had been just ever so slightly worse?

The fractures could have required surgery, and we could be facing a future where there was little to no chance of a Big E return to the ring.

As it stands, based on his tweet? It’s hard to think he’s especially worried about an in-ring return now.

A nearly catastrophic injury tends to do that to someone. Even if he can and does return…there is no telling how things will be for Big E.

CM Punks Wants This Program

Ever since coming back to wrestling and arriving in AEW, CM Punk wants this program more than any other.

Sure, there are plenty of names and faces in AEW whom Punk has never battled.

The options, while not endless, are certainly quite lengthy.

But above all else, the former WWE Champion wants this program most of all.

What would that one be?

Punk wants a program that allows him to work with The Young Bucks.

And by with, we mean against.

cm punk wants program

source: @cmpunk twitter, screenshot

CM Punk spoke to a Chicago radio station recently, and was asked what he wanted to do most of all in AEW.

With everything possible-matches against Bryan Danielson or Jon Moxley were also noted-he wants this program most of all.

Punk says he regularly suggests a program that allows him to find himself a tag partner and wrestle against the Young Bucks.

The Bucks have earned Punk’s respect in that sense, and the brothers are certainly exciting in the ring.

It’s hard not to think how a tag program could be compelling.

Even more, it’s fun to debate who Punk could grab for a partner. Could he leverage an existing talent already within AEW?

Or, should it ever happen, would AEW and Tony Khan use it as a means to debut their latest free agent signing?

For now, Punk is still fending off MJF and company…but in time, perhaps he gets that program he wants most of all.