did naomi walk out
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Much has been said about what happened during RAW this week, but here’s a new take: did Naomi want to walk out? And, a pair of former Superstars are returning to action soon.

Did Naomi Want To Walk Out

We know she and Sasha Banks did do it…but did Naomi want to walk out of RAW on Monday?

That is a question posed by one former Superstar. And, it’s someone who likely knows Naomi a little bit.

Ariane Andrew, formerly known as Cameron in WWE, does not think Naomi walked out on her own.

The former Cameron, who came into WWE with Naomi as a Funkadactyl, believes that someone gave Naomi a bit of a push.

Reading between the lines of her comments, it certainly seems like Ariane Andrew believes that someone, likely Sasha Banks, pushed the buttons to make her do it.

It’s an interesting theory, in a story that has plenty of them.

did naomi walk out

source: @AjBlueBayBelt, twitter, screenshot

Some current and former Superstars applauded the pair for walking out. Others, noting that this of course a scripted world, expect that this is all part of some elaborate angle.

For their part, we have not heard a peep yet from either Sasha Banks or Naomi, so they’ve not told anyone officially why they did what they did.

What we know is they were not happy with their booking as tag champs. Things came to a head during RAW, and the pair left their belts on a desk and walked out.

Sasha Banks has had some blow-ups in the past, and she’s always bounced back. It remains to be seen how this one works out.

While Sasha has seemed to be made of Teflon, this is somewhat new territory for Naomi. One thing she does have going for her is her relationship to one of the company’s most important acts.

Either way, it may be interesting to know, did Naomi want to walk out too, or was she put up to it?

Former Superstars Returning To Action Soon

In other news, a pair of former Superstars will be returning to action soon.

They just won’t be returning to the ring in WWE.

The pair of former WWE Superstars will be locking up for a promotion being driven by…another pair of former WWE Superstars.

And, on a card loaded with…former WWE Superstars. Wonder if Nick Khan gets a free ticket as a thank you?

Lana and Nia Jax will be working for the new promotion, being driven by the former Authors of Pain. 

did naomi walk out

source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

They will have the honor of vying for the chance to be the promotion’s first women’s world champion.

It is an interesting move for both, for different reasons.

In the case of Nia Jax, after she was released from WWE, she made it seem pretty unlikely she was going to wrestle again.

That declaration seemed a bit curious, given she has plenty of time left if she wants a long career. 

Now, it seems that with time off and a fresh opportunity, Nia Jax changed her mind.

For Lana, once she was released, basically everyone expected her to pop up in AEW, since her husband works there.

That has not happened yet.

However, it seems that working for WES would not limit her from doing so. For example, former ROH champion Deonna Purrazzo will also be on the show, and she’s already working with Tony Khan’s promotions.

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