drew mcintyre big bump

As with all Hell In A Cell matches, we got some big bumps Sunday. Here’s the reason why Drew McIntyre took a big bump. Also, there is some news on plans for Roman Reigns & The Usos.

Reason Why Drew McIntyre Took Big Bump

In WWE (and in pro wrestling) almost everything happens for a reason. And there is a reason why Drew McIntyre took the big bump off the Cell on Sunday.

That reason may surprise you. It may even make you chuckle or smile a bit.

drew mcintyre big bump

At the 2020 Hell In A Cell, Drew McIntyre fought Randy Orton in the show’s main event.

By show’s end, we had a brand new WWE Champion, with Orton claiming his 14th major championship.

Shortly before the match came to an end, we got a signature Cell spot. The two Superstars managed to scale to the top of the Cell, and that never ends well.

As the men worked their way back down, they fought on the side of the structure. That battle led to McIntyre taking a big bump through the announce table.

So what was the reason why Drew McIntyre took the big bump?

According to the Wrestling Observer, it was a bump that McIntyre wanted to do.


Because growing up, Drew remembered watching the very first Cell match. He remembers a similar spot between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

He wanted his own timeless spot. Simple as that.

So, sure, Drew McIntyre’s first reign as WWE Champion came to an end at Hell In A Cell. But, he did get to take a bump that he really wanted to take…so he’s got that going for him.

Plans For Roman Reigns & Usos

In another clash at Hell In A Cell, Roman Reigns defeated Jey Uso once again. What are the long term plans for Roman Reigns and The Usos?

So far, the cousins have been at odds. However, groundwork has been laid for some time, where the relationship is expected to change.

Specifically, according to WrestlingNews.co, Jimmy and Jey will eventually fall in line and back Roman Reigns.

Long term, the plan is sound. The Usos and Roman Reigns are, after all, cousins.

The trio has worked together plenty in the past. Having them work together again makes sense.

The dynamic, of course, has changed. Reigns is working his way into a major heel spot.

Right now, Jimmy and Jey are resisting their cousin. The expectation is that, in time, the brothers will work together with Reigns.

Initially, that support will be relunctantly given. In time, it is expected that The Usos will embrace the heel turn and be 100% on board with the new role.

A heel Samoan faction, led by Reigns and backed up by The Usos, could be fun. It wouldn’t be the first time a faction consisting of the trio was discussed…but this time, it appears it will actually happen.