goldberg getting big payday at crown jewel
source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

In a bit of news that might not be so shocking, Goldberg is getting a big payday for working Crown Jewel later this month. Plus, Lana teases her AEW arrival soon.

Goldberg Getting Big Crown Jewel Payday

This might be able to be filed under the most obvious news section, but Goldberg is getting a big payday for Crown Jewel.

The interesting wrinkle to that big payday for Crown Jewel is how it is apparently written into his contract.

It’s been a frequent topic that Goldberg has a limited number of annual matches via his very sweet part time deal.

Per a report in the  Wrestling Observer, via their audio recording, Golbderg’s Crown Jewel pay is split from the rest of his WWE paydays.

More to the point, it sounds like having Goldberg work a match in Saudi Arabia is worth millions of dollars for the WWE Hall of Famer.

Talk about your big paydays.

goldberg getting big payday at crown jewel

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

Now, this likely stems in part from the long term, lucrative deal that WWE signed with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia several years ago.

While the partnership has been far from perfect, and has been full of controversial issues along the way…it’s given WWE money for certain things.

Some American fans consider some part-timers as washed up, and not worth seeing. However, we’ve gotten to see some of them a lot more regularly than the fans in Saudi Arabia.

Plus, like it or not, Goldberg still gets a pop…so there’s that.

So if those in the Saudi partnership want to see Bill Goldberg? They will get Goldberg, and Goldberg will collect a princely sum for his work.

We’ve seen this in play before. There was a reason (money) why Hulk Hogan was able to work a prior event there, for example.

On one hand, I am a big proponent of giving the fans what they want to see. Especially when a WWE show is not something they get very frequently.

Some of these special attraction matches have not gone well. There is a reason why certain Superstars are, and should remain, retired.

Lana Teases AEW Arrival Soon

Basically since her husband arrived there, we all expected it would eventually happen. Once again, Lana teases her AEW arrival being soon.

The latest tease happened over the weekend, during an interaction with current AEW star, and new TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara.

Guevara, of course, JUST beat Miro, her husband, for that title.

Both Lana and Sammy worked a virtual fan event, and of course they ran into each other.

During the interaction, Lana teased her AEW arrival. A fan asked if she’d be arriving soon, and the star declined to spill the beans.

lana teases aew arrival

source: custom, Lana/CJ Perry twitter screenshot

Still, take a look at the interaction, and it does not take a genius to expect there will be something happening here sooner than later.

Lana, of course, was released on June 2. Unless she had a very unique non-compete clause, she has been free to sign with AEW for about a month now.

Granted, she is not a huge name on the level of a Bryan Danielson. However, she does have an extensive social media following and is a fairly significant star in her own right.

Plus, while she might not ever be the best women’s wrestler, she has been praised numerous times for the amount of effort she put into improving her craft.

With that in mind, adding Lana to AEW would be smart. She would work well with Miro, obviously.

Plus, she would not be a bad addition to a growing women’s division either.