Triple H WWE Future
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Triple H might have been seen as the future boss of WWE, but that is no longer clear. Also, William Regal is tired of wrestlers taking bumps where they land on their head and neck.

Triple H – WWE Future

When AEW debuted Dynamite, they went with Wednesday night. So, this would cause WWE to battle AEW with the NXT brand.

Outside of a few existences, AEW easily won the ratings war. Also, they usually did better than WWE in the key demographic as well.

In the end, NXT moved to Tuesdays. Then, the brand was completely redone.

NXT no longer looks like what Triple H created. So, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it does not look good for Triple H.

“As far as the successor to Vince McMahon, the reality is that WWE still hasn’t really groomed anyone else,” the report stated, “But, Levesque’s NXT failed in its major directive, both not killing off AEW at the start, but also in drawing a bigger and a younger audience.”

Triple H is slowly getting back into the swing of things in WWE. He just retired from in-ring competition following major heart surgery.

Nick Khan has been mentioned as a possible name to purchase WWE. Also, Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon have been discussed. 

William Regal Begs Wrestlers To Stop

Triple H WWE Future

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William Regal has been in the pro wrestling business most of his life. He has spent time in all the major promotions like WCW, WWE and now AEW.

After a lengthy run in WWE, he was released several months ago. Now, he is part of AEW where he is the representative of Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson. 

On Talk Is Jericho, Regal brought up the tragic death of Mitsuharu Misawa in 2009. Misawa passed away after taking a back suplex that caused issues with his neck.

Regal hoped that unfortunate event would see wrestlers slowdown their pace. 

“This is gonna maybe ruffle a few feathers,” said Regal. “When I saw that happen, I thought, ‘This is gonna smarten up this industry’ and still people are doing that stuff.” 

“You do not need to be getting dropped on your head. That’s the one thing, more than anything with me, it’s not what I can help you with.”

“Just come up to me and ask me not what to do and I’ll save you ten years of your career. That’s the greatest gift I can give you.” 

“I’ll tell you what not to do. If you wanna learn how to get over and put matches together, I’ll send them to [Jericho], Christian, other people.” 

“Go talk to these fellows. I just go out and react to things because of experience. I do me.” 

Wrestlers do take crazy bumps and perform dangers spots. We have seen superstars get hurt in the past, with neck sand spines being frequently injured. 

Just last month, Big E broke his neck during SmackDown. Sometimes, certain moves are too risky to perform. 

Basically, Big E’s broken neck and other injuries will not change the business.