AJ Lee Attempt Suicide
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AJ Lee was a top superstar during her time with the WWE. Since leaving the company, she’s become a mental health advocate. She opened up recently during an interview revealing a personal story.

AJ Lee Suicide Attempt

The former Divas Champion spoke with General Hospital actor Maurice Bernard during an edition of his YouTube channel’s State of Mind. The topics focused on mental health, where she relayed a story about a suicide attempt.

It occurred in 2014 when she was with the WWE. Lee notes that the incident helped shape her into the mental health advocate she is today.

AJ states that “nobody knew” about it, which is why she’s such a strong supporter of mental health and wrote a book about it. Lee notes that from the “outside” it would seem like everything was okay.

After all, she was on TV, a sports entertainment champion, and got married. However, AJ reveals that with bipolar major life changes can throw a person “off”.

As she states, with all the “highs” means hitting “lows”. There was just too much going on, both good and bad in her life at the time.

AJ also notes that she got sick and needed to take time off due to surgeries. This was difficult, too, as wrestling doesn’t have an “off-season”.

It was all too much for her bipolar condition to handle. In addition, Lee states that she wasn’t taking proper care of herself.

She was playing “fast and loose” with her medication. Plus, she wasn’t consistently going to therapy.

More On AJ Lee Suicide Attempt

Therefore, AJ Lee created a plan. Through all the chaos, she booked a hotel room.

But as she was going through the motions around her attempt, she realized that this wasn’t the solution. This was “darkness” talking.

Lee called the suicide prevention hotline, but as her number was out of the area code, they redirected her call. This is so emergency services can be notified.

The suicide prevention hotline gave her a new number to call. Lee at this point saw this as a “sign” to continue with the suicide attempt, so she did not write the number down.

However, when she hung up and began her attempt again, an inner voice encouraged her to try and find the suicide prevention hotline for the area she was in. Therefore, she called 311.

Lee states the 311 operator was patient and kind. She began telling him everything she was feeling, and he listened.

She was taken back by his kindness. While it was a small act, she attributes him to saving her life. 

She never got his name, but will always remember his voice. She realized someone just listening to her was what she needed.

During this conversation, AJ also realized she needed to talk about her diagnosis, instead of trying to hide it. She ended up going home with a renewed focus.

It’s wonderful that AJ was able to find someone who could listen to her before the unthinkable. It’s also incredible that she is using this experience to raise awareness around mental health, and help others.

If you need help, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It is a 24/7 service that can be reached at 1-800-273-8255.

On to some WWE news, Vince McMahon has led the company for many years. Fans and media often wonder who will take his place when he’s ready to step down.

Nick Khan “Likely” To Replace Vince McMahon

During a recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer chimes in on who VKM’s replacement could be, “someday”. According to him, it’s Nick Khan.

AJ Lee Suicide Attempt

Source: @WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Khan is currently WWE’s President and Chief Revenue Officer. Dave notes it’ll likely be Nick unless they hire someone from outside the company.

What About Triple H?

As per the report, Triple H would “ultimately” take over the WWE. Especially if the company continued on the path it’s going now.

With that said, Khan has a ton of television experience, brand awareness, and has an eye on profits. If McMahon is planning on stepping down anytime soon, Nick would be the one to jump into his shoes.

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