could superstar finally return
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After months of waiting, could one WWE Superstar finally return? And, after getting tons of praise on his own, Randy Orton praises Seth Rollins for being one of the best in the business.

Could Superstar Finally Return

It’s been a long time coming, but could one WWE Superstar finally return to RAW or SmackDown?

If rumors are to be believed…indeed they might be.

While nothing has been shared at this point, Fightful is reporting that WWE is finally set for a return of Asuka.

And again, while nothing has been specified, the return is said to be potentially imminent.

One idea, perhaps with some traction, is that we could see Asuka return as soon as this week on RAW.

could superstar finally return

source: @SashaBayleywwe, twitter, screenshot

If so, it is believed that the former champion could be immediately thrust into a program with Becky Lynch.

Now, it’s just a guess, but there is history between the two Superstars.

With Lynch previously pointing out that she had not lost the title in several years, just handing it over when on leave…here’s how Asuka could tie in.

Because it was Asuka who became RAW Women’s Champion when Lynch had to vacate. Asuka had just won the weirdest Money In The Bank ever.

On the RAW following, it was revealed that inside her briefcase was not a contract, but the title belt.

So, perhaps Becky has some resentment there? Or Asuka takes offense at some new Lynch ramblings?

Then again, it’s WWE, so sometimes random feuds just materialize.

If the reports are true, this Lynch/Asuka program, if it’s coming, could be kicked off just in time for WrestleMania Backlash…which is fast approaching.

Randy Orton Praises Seth Rollins

While recent weeks have been all about praising The Viper, now it’s his turn, as Randy Orton praises Seth Rollins.

It’s been all about twenty years of Randy Orton, as the current RAW Tag Team Champion is being celebrated for his big milestone.

But, proving just how much he has grown, Orton took time to heap praise on Seth Rollins.

Orton, in a special video for WWE, reflected on some of his best matches during his twenty years.

could superstar finally return

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On one hand, yes it is noteworthy just to hear Orton praise another Superstar, calling him one of the best in the business.

However, I choose to dive a little deeper. I remember early points in Orton’s career where he was knocked for immaturity.

After all, there is a reason why he was bounced out of the Marine Corp…

So, after twenty years in WWE, his personal and professional growth is impressive to behold.

Rollins is an established veteran in his own right. But, it’s still nice to see one future Hall of Famer put another one over.

While we watch Rollins locked in his welcome-back-Cody program, it’s still safe to wonder…after a few runs as the top champion…when might Rollins get himself another?

Having such praise from someone as established as Orton just underscores that Rollins really does deserve another chance at the top (if not more than one).

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