big steve austin plans
source:@wrestlingnewsco , twitter, screenshot

Considering his stature this might not be a shock, but there seems to be big Stone Cold Steve Austin plans for Dallas in a couple weeks. Plus, could we have seen a Cody Rhodes WrestleMania spoiler?

Big Stone Cold Steve Austin Plan

In some exciting news, there could be some big Stone Cold Steve Austin plans when WWE hits Dallas in early April.

How big? Well, that is the exciting part, isn’t it?

According to Reddit user Kermit125, Stone Cold Steve Austin is set for the main event slot of the first night of WrestleMania.

So, let’s get into why this indicates big Austin plans, if it isn’t immediately obvious for you.

Austin is slated to be the biggest guest in KO Show history. If Austin is slated to close Saturday in Dallas, that indicates that the KO Show closes things out.

I will say that this is equal parts exciting and surprising.

Exciting because it’s been nearly two decades since the storied WWE Hall of Famer has been in a WWE ring.

It’s been reported that Austin has been getting back to fighting shape. However, given his health issues and time away, most of us have long since given up seeing a Stone Cold return.

big steve austin plans

source:@wrestlingnewsco , twitter, screenshot

Now, we’ve got him at WrestleMania for a featured segment, and it’s reportedly slated for the main event on Saturday.

We’ve had Superstar cameos before, including by Austin at prior WrestleManias post-retirement.

None of those landed in the main event slot.

So, while this does not mean anything…and plans and cards are subject to change…

You have to think, given the attention and hype and buzz…plus the slot…that this is likely more than just a tip of the hat and a stunner.

Plus, it’s notable because it was previously believed that Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey would close Saturday’s fun.

Cody Rhodes WrestleMania Spoiler?

In another bit of news, could that same Reddit user have given us a Cody Rhodes WrestleMania spoiler?

His track record is pretty good, so this is another one worth taking seriously.

While he has gone on record to say Austin main events night one…he is also indicating that Cody Rhodes is slated to be in a match on night two.

Nothing has been made official. Heck, it’s still only been strongly reported, without WWE confirming, that Cody Rhodes has even signed.

However, all signs (and Kermit) point to Rhodes taking on Seth Rollins on night two.

Sunday night in Dallas could be damn fun.

Again, take it for what it’s worth, but that is certainly a possible Cody Rhodes WrestleMania spoiler.

cody rhodes wrestlemania spoiler

source:@MindofRollins, twitter, screenshot

Of course, things could still change. It was said for a while that Vince wanted Cody involved at, or debuting at, WrestleMania.

However, 2 weeks to go and there’s been no arrival yet.

It’s not crazy to think that’s a match worth advertising in advance…and yet here we are.

So, I’d suppose there’s a slight chance that WWE saves Cody Rhodes’ return for the post-WrestleMania RAW?

After all, it’s  been a few years since we’ve had a truly exciting RAW after ‘Mania.

Then again, having Rhodes show up to WrestleMania unannounced? Not without precedent either.

Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE via a WrestleMania surprise of their own.

So, while we might want the hype leading up to it…the reality is Rhodes versus Rollins is exciting enough that we don’t need much hype.