Cody Rhodes WWE Backstage
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While Cody Rhodes is yet to return to WWE TV, the backstage reaction has been positive. Also, Gangrel is helping Paige Van Zant prepare for her AEW future by training the combat star.

Backstage Reaction To Cody Rhodes WWE Return

We noted how Cody Rhodes has officially signed a contract with WWE. Details are scarce, but the contract was signed around two weeks ago.

The plan remains for Rhodes to be around for WrestleMania 38 weekend. He could still be booked on the card, as a match with Seth Rollins was the original idea.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful spoke to WWE talent about Rhodes returning. He said the people he spoke to were “very excited” about Rhodes coming back.

A few months ago, fans would not believe Rhodes is retuning to WWE. He was granted a release from WWE because he did not like the direction of his character.

It will be very interesting how Rhodes is booked in WWE this time around. If he gets a massive push, that might make some superstars want to re-sign with WWE or AEW talent might try to join WWE.

Gangrel – AEW

Cody Rhodes WWE Backstage

Source: @ewrestlingnews, Twitter, Screenshot

For over a year, we have seen American Top Team get involved in various angles for AEW. Recently, AEW signed American Top Team’s Paige Van Zant.

For those unfamiliar with Paige, she is best known for her time in the UFC. Then, she transitioned to bare knuckle fighting.

Paige is a fan of pro wrestling, so we can see why AEW brought in her. Still, she will need some training before being involved in singles matches.

So, that is where former WWE superstar Gangrel comes in. On the Fangin N Bangin Podcast with Gangrel, he noted how Paige is headed to Coastal Championship Wrestling to train.

“Paige Van Zant, who’s currently signed with AEW, is coming to Coastal Championship Wrestling Training,” said Gangrel. “She’ll be a part of that training.” 

“She got a bit of food poisoning, she was supposed to start, but looking forward to that. There’s not much to say about that because I haven’t talked to her personally or any of that, but we’ll find out what the exact details are, was just told that’s where she was coming to train.”

The March 9 edition of Dynamite is when fans learned Paige had signed with AEW. 

Thanks to American Top Team’s distractions, Scorpio Sky was able to win the TNT Championship from Sammy Guevara. Also, Guevara’s girlfriend and fellow AEW wrestler, Tay Conti, got involved.

After the match Guevara and Conti were left on the canvas. Then, Paige signed her contract over the body of Conti.

Once Paige returns to AEW TV, she already has a major storyline in place. It looks like Conti vs Paige will happens with American Top Team and Guevara likely joining the feud.

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