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The company might have cut a lot of talent loose, but WWE is interested in adding a rising star from a competitor when they can. Plus, Tony Schiavone is extended by AEW.

WWE Interested In Rising Star

After all their releases from the recent past, this one may be somewhat curious, but WWE is interested in adding a rising star.

To be fair, even when cutting talent loose, that should never preclude an organization from adding when it makes sense.

That is true in business as well as sports, to some extent.

As we know, the massive releases from WWE in the last couple years had a variety of reasons.

While one constant reason provided was budget cuts, the reality is that the new head bean counter viewed some contracts as being more expensive than the talent warranted.

Or, to view that another way…perhaps Nick Khan doesn’t mind sinking millions into talent…so long as it’s the right talent.

Much has been made about NXT and how underwhelming more recent call-ups have either performed or been used.

For every Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins, we can point to so many others who flopped…so there is, and always will be, a need for talent.

With that in mind, WWE is reportedly interested in a rising star.


source: custom, Wardlow twitter screenshot

Notably, this star is currently working for AEW.

This name is not MJF in this case. WWE being interested in him has been heavily discussed of late.

In this case, the company is interested in the rising star…Wardlow.

Per WrestleVotes, WWE sees massive potential in Wardlow.

For as much as he’s done, there seems to be a belief that he can do even bigger and better things, hence why WWE is interested in the rising star.

Tony Schiavone Extended By AEW

While WWE might be interested in some AEW talent, one person is off limits. Tony Schiavone confirmed recently that he has been extended by AEW.

For what it’s worth, I don’t expect Schiavone being extended by AEW will ruin any plans WWE may have had.

While the company is clearly looking to add talent, their announcing positions are probably set for the time being.

tony schiavone extended by aew

source: custom, wrestling observer twitter screenshot

Schiavone, a longtime voice of WCW, confirmed on a recent podcast appearance that he had been extended by AEW.

Per his own report, he signed a new two year deal, meaning that Schiavone is under contract until early 2024, roughly.

Fans of his prior work were no doubt happy to see him back, and having him and Jim Ross on the Turner network no doubt makes people feel like it’s WCW reincarnated.

We all know that the voices calling the action are nearly as important as the in-ring talent themselves. Some voices work out, and others do not.

Schiavone is a legend, and it’s a no-brainer why he was extended by AEW.