kevin owens exit wwe
source: custom, WWE twitter screenshot

When you ask “who’s next”…could Kevin Owens be the next to exit WWE soon? Plus, Adam Cole puts over AEW talent right away.

Could Kevin Owens Exit WWE Soon

Blunt and right to the point…could Kevin Owens exit WWE soon?

Or, if you’d prefer…to borrow from Goldberg’s vocabulary…is Kevin Owens next?

As in…out the door (and, presumably, AEW)?

Well…that depends…but, according to Fightful...maybe.

Speculation has flared up as of Tuesday, thanks to a few things.

Owens himself posted (and has since deleted) a message to Twitter. It was the latitude and longitude of Mount Rushmore.

He also edited his bio, with his location being “almost there”.

For those who followed pre-WWE Kevin Owens, he was in a stable called Mount Rushmore…right up until he exited for WWE.

His stablemates?

Adam Cole and The Young Bucks.

Cole debuted for AEW on Sunday, and the Bucks are, of course, among the company’s founding executive VPs.

Now, when other sources were dissecting this post, some were quick to recall a 2018 interview with Owens and a Canadian station.

In that interview, he mentioned signing a fresh five year contract with WWE…and that as long as they wanted him and he wanted to be there…he’d stick around.

Well…things might have changed.

kevin owens exit wwe

source: custom, WWE twitter screenshot

Per that earlier-indicated Fightful story…it seems that Kevin Owens could exit soon. How soon?

Well, it seems his contract expires in 2022, rather than 2023 as some expected. January, to be exact.

So, the semi-cryptic mention of Mount Rushmore…and his bio saying “almost there”? Could Kevin Owens exit WWE soon?

Yes. He could, as soon as January (unless Nick Khan axes him sooner, of course).

Now, if you are trying to find a positive here, to convince yourself that Kevin Owens might not leave?

You could interpret his post simply as this…

As of Sunday night, three of the four members from that stable all now work in the same promotion.

So, in that sense…they are “almost (all) there”.

It’s a reach…but when WWE is having major issues, whether they care to see them…you take what you can get.

If Kevin Owens is exiting, as with many others who have or will, there is one way to look at it.

AEW can’t possibly hire EVERYONE, right?

Then again, we have seen reports that WWE might be for sale…and Tony Khan (and his father) do have money…

Still, checking social media…fans feel like he is as good as gone.

Adam Cole Puts Over AEW Talent

Speaking of Mount Rushmore members…Adam Cole puts over AEW talent quick.

No, he didn’t put them over in the ring. However, putting them over in an interview is still putting them over.

And that is what Adam Cole did, as he put over AEW talent Jungle Boy during the post-All Out media scrum.

adam cole puts over aew talent

source: custom, bleacher report twitter screenshot

Cole was asked, following his All Out debut, about his thoughts regarding who he was looking forward to facing in his new home.

It was at that chance that Adam Cole put over the AEW talent, calling out Jungle Boy specifically.

He said that he’d love a chance to kick him in the face again, but in doing so acknowledged that he’s one of the company’s bright young stars.

One benefit to bringing in new stars like Cole and Danielson is for their own star power. The other benefit is if they are willing to put over other AEW talent.

Thus far, that seems to be true.