austin theory has big goals

Given his current situation on RAW, it may not be a shock to learn that Austin Theory has big goals. Plus, one ECW legend is finally sober.

Austin Theory Has Big Goals

It seems WWE has big plans for one young Superstar. It should not be a surprise to then learn that Austin Theory also has big goals for himself.

How big?

How about the big goal of retiring a future WWE Hall of Famer.

Theory has been given a likely hot spot in recent RAWs. 

Vince McMahon has returned to WWE television, and for most of his TV time, McMahon has been sitting with Austin Theory.

The young WWE Superstar recently was interviewed by Alternative Sport, and made mention of his big goals.

Specifically, he wants to retire a future Hall of Famer. On the Grandest Stage Of Them All.

Theory is a huge John Cena fan, watching him as he grew up.

The interviewer asked if he would rather win tag team gold alongside Cena, or retire him at WrestleMania.

And Austin Theory would opt to retire John Cena.

To be honest, that seems to be a very on-brand thing to say. 

Sure, the fanboy in Austin Theory would likely be thrilled just to share a ring with John Cena.

But. Austin Theory, the current WWE Superstar? He no doubt wants to retire Cena and then take a selfie with a downed legend.

austin theory has big goals

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

Could it happen? In WWE, anything is possible. 

As I mentioned, this would make sense given the nature of Theory’s character. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea either, considering Cena is not around much anymore.

Most importantly, perhaps? It would allow one of WWE’s biggest-ever Superstars to give one of the younger generation a heck of a win.

Seems like a win-win to me…which means while Austin Theory has big goals…I won’t hold my breath.

ECW Legend Finally Sober

This one is good news…an ECW Legend is finally sober.

Yes, seriously.

ECW was known for being politically incorrect (and damn proud of it). So much so that they had wrestlers drinking and smoking in the ring, long before Steve Austin ever did.

Well, now that ECW legend who drank with regularity is finally sober.

That tidbit came from perhaps an unlikely source- Brian Myers, formerly known as Curt Hawkins.

Myers spoke with Wrestling Inc, discussing his own new ECW-inspired podcast (Extreme Conversations).

ecw legend finally sober

source: custom, Sandman twitter screenshot

The topic turned to ECW entrance music, which was a huge part of the shows. 

He noted how he can’t not think of certain performers when their songs are on the radio.

Enter Sandman came up, and the show discussed The Sandman. The ECW legend was known to consume mass quantities of alcohol while smoking as he came to the ring.

Per Myers, that ECW legend is finally sober. While he may  still crack open the signature cans of beer, he is not drinking any during his indie appearances.

That is good news indeed.  Sandman is someone I actually had the good fortune of meeting in public (played pool with him, by sheer luck), and away from the spotlight, he was a very humble person.


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