producer praises wwe superstar
source: custom, pro wrestling finesse twitter screenshot

Some talent are better to work with than others, but one producer praises working with one current WWE Superstar. On the flip side, Jon Moxley refused to lose to John Cena before the former Dean Ambrose left the company.

Producer Praises WWE Superstar

There are some talents everyone loves to work with, and some folks hate. Now, a producer praises a certain current WWE Superstar for being among the easiest to work with.

Which current Superstar?

That would be Seth Rollins.

producer praises wwe superstar

source: custom, pro wrestling finesse twitter screenshot

The praise came via an interview with Lance Storm in the Wrestling Observer.

Per Storm, during his time as a producer, Seth Rollins was among the easiest WWE Superstars to work with.

We all know that we’ve heard stories about how some Superstars are absolutely horrible to work with.

There are plenty of times when one Superstar resisted instructions (and if you never saw that, wait a couple hundred words).

However, in the interview with Storm, he praises the WWE Superstar.

Producers, for those who might not know, are in charge of working out the finer details of a match. The Superstars are engaged and work things through too, but producers play a big part.

This is obvious with Superstars often praising certain producers for mapping out good matches.

As Storm put it, he worked with Rollins during some of his major runs. That’s a time when, if ever a Superstar could push back and win, that is the time.

While Rollins may have resisted some suggestions, ultimately he was great to work with and went with the decisions.

So, its understandable why the producer would praise the WWE Superstar.

Jon Moxley Refused To Lose To John Cena

However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, sometimes talent won’t play ball. In one case, Jon Moxley refused to lose to John Cena.

Of course, this happened a few years back, before Moxley even was Moxley.

Jon Moxley recently put out an autobiography (seems a bit early, but whatever). In the book, he recounted a point early in his main roster Shield run.

Per Moxley, The Shield was initially supposed to lose to John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus during the 2013 Elimination Chamber PPV.

After some consideration, Moxley said no. He refused to lose to John Cena.

jon moxley refused to lose to john cena

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Now, where with the above producer comments, some resistance can be bad…this is a case where resistance was smart.

After all…anyone who remembers the Nexus? They remember why that group died off as quick as it did…because the group lost to John Cena.

Not that this is specifically Cena’s fault. However, sometimes the good guys have to lose.

Otherwise, it can kill a group off quicker than Nick Khan can release more WWE Superstars.

Sure, terrible booking does not help things either. Retribution was a bust from the start, in part because of bad booking but also because of silly losses.

So, we know Jon Moxley (and The Shield) refused to lose to John Cena at that point. 

Considering what happened for the trio in the years that followed, it is hard to say that they did not make the right call.

Had they not resisted…had the team lost to John Cena…perhaps Rollins and Reigns would not still be two of WWE’s biggest Superstars.

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