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Would WWE Sign MJF?, New Drew McIntyre Program

MJF has been open about his future, but would WWE sign him. And, Drew McIntyre is entering a new program that will look familiar.

MJF has become one of the biggest stars in AEW, but he would leave that to sign with WWE? Also, Drew McIntyre is stuck in a recycled storyline.

Would WWE Sign MJF?

When forming a wrestling company for TV, AEW brought in a mix of wrestlers. There were veterans, young talent and some few have never seen.

Recently, AEW has been talking about the pillars of their future. They have been working on this since day one and MJF is of those names.

MJF has been selling the point that his contract is up in 2014, like many other AEW wrestlers. He has repeatedly stated he is going with whomever offers the most money.

So, he either re-signs with AEW or jumps to WWE.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went over the current landscape and where MJF could land. While anything is possible, AEW seems like the safe bet.

“I had a conversation with him about it and I don’t think he is going anywhere,” said Meltzer, “I mean, if the deal, the financial deal, was really ridiculous by WWE, but who knows what they’re thinking in 2024.” 

“They usually don’t give ridiculous deals to someone who has never, in their mind, been a big deal. I could see there being a big bidding war.” 

“It’s just a question of how high they’re willing to go. I wouldn’t say he’s locked into AEW, but all things being equal, he won’t be leaving AEW.”

MJF joined AEW and thankfully turned heel. He worked extensively with Rhodes and Chris Jericho, who helped elevate his status.

Now, some call MJF the best heel in the business. And, those people might be correct as he never drops the heel character.

If MJF stays in AEW, he will be World Champion within two years. Meanwhile, if he signs with WWE, he likely gets lost in the shuffle.

New Drew McIntyre Program

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Drew McIntyre received the biggest push of his career, but at the worst possible time. He won the Royal Rumble and weeks later the pandemic caused everything to shutdown.

So, WWE had no fans and everything felt off. During that long stretch of uncertainty, McIntyre was WWE Champion and helped carry the company.

He became a two time WWE Champion during that time, although he dropped the title at the start of the year. Since being moved to SmackDown via the the WWE Draft, McIntyre is looking to get back in the title picture.

Dave Meltzer noted how WWE is reusing a familiar storyline. Basically, he is battling the authority for a title shot.

“So the key stuff is that Brock Lesnar is back next week and they’re doing a new gimmick where the authority figures are trying to screw with Drew McIntyre which is an entirely new storyline that WWE has never done before,” said Meltzer. “But, you know what’s what they’re doing.”

“They’re repeating the stuff from the past. I mean, that’s what we’re seeing everywhere.”

While fans relive the angle again, there is an upside. Usually, these conclude with the wrestler defeating the authority and claiming the title.

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