MJF WWE John Cena
Source: Fightful Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

In a few years, when his AEW contract is up, MJF is willing to speak to WWE. Also, John Cena continues to tease a return inside the ring.

MJF Open To Joining WWE

AEW is full of former WWE superstars, original talent and those from the Indy circuit. Since their first show, there seemed to be something special MJF.

Apparently, AEW saw something too. After a short alliance with Cody Rhodes, MJF turned heel and has not looked back.

Today, he remains one of the top heels in the company and will be a future champion. Although, he might not be with AEW in a few years as that is when his contract ends. 

In a recent interview with Steel Chair Magazine, MJF expressed his appreciation for AEW. Also, he admitted WWE’s large contracts could see him jump ship.

“I’d say I’d be near the end of my contract,” said MJF after asked where he would be in a few years. “I would be the AEW World Champion, I would still be a part of the greatest faction in professional wrestling known as The Pinnacle, all of my brothers in arms would also have gold and then, at that point, the highest bidder, baby.”

“Me and my boys, we’re willing to go wherever the money’s at, it’s that simple. Don’t get me wrong, AEW runs deep in me.” 

“I don’t want to leave, but I am a businessman at the end of the day and I can’t help myself if somebody’s got an offer for me. I’m going to listen to it.”

This past week on Dynamite, MJF and The Pinnacle won the first ever Blood & Guts Match. The conclusion saw MJF threaten to toss Chris Jericho off the stage.

So, the Inner Circle surrendered to save their leader. Still, MJF sent Jericho crashing down below to solidify his spot as pro wrestling’s top heel.

John Cena Teases Return

MJF WWE John Cena

Source: ComicBook, Twitter, Screenshot

John Cena loves wrestling and he is also known to have fun on social media. Frequently, Cena will post a picture on Instagram with no text.

And that is exactly what he just did. He posted a picture of WWE’s logo, leading to speculation of his return.

Cena’s budding Hollywood career will weigh heavy on his WWE return. Most movie companies do not like their stars getting physical as there is risk for injury.

Cena is currently filming Peacemaker in Candada, which is spin-off of Suicide Squad. The eight-episode HBO Max series should hit the airwaves around January 2022.

Filming should be done around June, leaving open a window for a SummerSlam return.

Fans have not seen Cena for over a year. He last competed at WrestleMania 36, losing to The Fiend.

That cinematic match was a real head scratcher as they went back in time. Some believe the match was done so Cena could retire.

Before retiring, Cena still needs to break Ric Flair’s world championship record. They are tied with 16 world title reigns each.