The Fiend WrestleMania Match

WWE is allegedly planning a special WrestleMania match for The Fiend. In other news, Drew McIntyre regained his title just in time for Survivor Series, and there is a reason behind it. 

The Fiend – WrestleMania Match

The Fiend WrestleMania Match

Rumors are circulating that The Fiend might be getting a special WrestleMania match. In fact, his match could be the main event.

Wrestlevotes claims that Bray Wyatt may be facing none other than Edge at WrestleMania. If true, it could mean that the current storylines are not heading to what we first thought.

“WrestleMania update: Source states that while Edge vs Randy Orton has been the long standing plan, and still is at the moment, the idea of Edge vs The Fiend has been discussed a great deal for the show.”

Since Edge’s appearance in WWE are quite limited, this would be a special match indeed. But what does this mean for set storylines?

No More Randy Orton Versus Edge?

Edge and Randy Orton Wrestlemania 36

The original plan was seemingly another match between Randy Orton and Edge. However, if The Fiend is facing the R-Rated Superstar, what does this mean for Randy Orton?

There has been a shortage of superstars for Randy Orton to face. Unless he can have a feud with a recently called up superstar, there is little left for Orton to do. 

Time will tell if the plans with Edge and The Fiend go ahead. And if they do, what kind of journey Randy Orton will take going ahead. 

Reason Drew McIntyre Is Champion

Drew McIntyre Title Win

While it was a shock when Randy Orton beat Drew McIntyre for the title, nobody expected him to regain the title so soon. However, there seems to be a reason why McIntyre regained the championship before Survivor Series.

The Survivor Series match was supposed to be Randy Orton versus Roman Reigns. However, it appears that WWE wanted to have a face versus heel match at Survivor Series.

Since both Roman and Orton are heel, the match would have been less interesting according to WWE brass. 

Drew McIntyre Versus Roman Reigns More Interesting?

Is Roman Reigns versus Drew McIntyre the better choice?

The question remains, is Roman Reigns versus Drew McIntyre the better choice for Survivor Series? I would think so for a number of reasons.

McIntyre and Randy Orton have faced each other numerous times and the entire feud does not feel fresh anymore. After all, there are only so many surprises you can pull after a long-standing feud. 

Roman Reigns versus Drew McIntyre is relatively new, so it will be interesting to see which of these two men comes out as the winner. Each man is the leader of their respective brand, so this is a far more interesting match-up.

There could be some far-reaching consequences for the winner of this match. After all, he becomes the best wrestler over both brands. 

But which wrestler does the WWE see as the winner? Will they go for tribal chief Roman Reigns, or the rough Scotsman who loves a good fight?

We wish both men the best of luck during their Survivor Series match.  

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