MJF AEW Contract Length

MJF has a bright future in AEW and with the length of his contact, he has the chance to be world champion. Also, Tessa Blanchard’s wrestling return status for AEW and WWE.

MJF – AEW Contract Length

When All Elite Wrestling (AEW) started, they had some familiar names like Cody Rhodes, PAC and Kenny Omega. Meanwhile, they also brought in some unfamiliar wrestlers to many and that included MJF.

While MJF was best known for his time in MLW, that promotion is nothing like AEW. For starters, AEW has a great weekly TV spot on TNT every Wednesday night for two hours.

AEW must have seen something special in MJF, because they signed him to a five yea deal. While speaking to MMA Fighting, MJF promoted how AEW helps get talent over.

“And if you don’t make it in AEW, the only person you have to blame is the person you see in the mirror,” said MJF. “You’re not being held back in AEW, nobody’s handing me a script in AEW because they know if they did, I’d chew it up and spit in their face.” 

“That’s what All Elite Wrestling is. We’re all going out there and we’re doing our thing.” 

“We’re doing our version of what we feel the sport of professional wrestling is supposed to be and what I feel the sport of professional wrestling is supposed to be is just me, my face, 24/7 and if we can be honest here, it’s working out for All Elite Wrestling which is why they signed me to a five-year deal.”

Current Role Since Joining AEW

MJF signed a deal in 2019, so he will be with AEW until at least 2024. So far, he has shown plenty of potential.

The first few months of AEW saw MJF work as a face alongside Cody, to some success. But, once MJF turned heel, he was really able to showcase what he brings.

Besides a few losses, MJF as a singles competitor has been nearly unstoppable. It led him to an AEW World Championship match at All Out, but he was unsuccessful. 

Now, MJF is part of the Inner Circle after defeating their leader Chris Jericho at Full Gear. There is an argument that MJF is the most over heel in the company, which is impressive considering some of their big stars.

Tessa Blanchard’s In-Ring Return Status

Tessa Blanchard Racism Sexism

In June, Impact Wrestling departed with Tessa Blanchard and she was stripped of their World Championship. There were issues between both sides and COVID did not help matters.

There was talk of Blanchard joining either WWE or AEW. A major hurdle could be her backstage perception.

She is considered a bully and some claim she has made racial slurs in the past. Blanchard has denied all those accusations.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted how AEW are still opting to pursue her serves. The promotion understands her talent as a way to help the division.  

Since being let go by Impact Wrestling, Blanchard only competed once. She lost to Kylie Rae at Warrior Wrestling.

There was apparently some interest from WWE, but so far, they have not made an official offer; that is at least known about.