Renee Paquette recalls moment Triple H offered help to Jon Moxley after he left WWE
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Renee Paquette revealed an interesting fact about Jon Moxley and WWE’s Triple H. In fact, Renee Paquette claims that Triple H offered Jon Moxley help four months after he left theWWE.

How It All Happened

Renee Paquette recalls how Triple H offered Jon Moxley help after he left WWE

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During a recent episode of Oral SessionsRenee had some interesting things to say. 

According to Renee, Triple H continued to enquire about Moxley after he left the WWE. He asked about him when he got injured in New Japan.

“Even when Jon left, there was times that Hunter [Triple H] pulled me aside because Jon was injured when he came back from New Japan. Hunter kept checking in to make sure that Jon was okay.”

“If he needed anything, they [WWE] would have been able to help him in any kind of capacity. So it was nice to know that that olive branch was still extended and it wasn’t that heat-seeking thing that everybody thinks that it is. We’ve all spent so much time together and nothing bad went down.”

Obviously, this looks quite different from the approach Vince McMahon has taken in the past.

In fact, wrestlers who left the company for a rival were often ignored for years.

Renee Paquette’s story could also be interesting for the future. After all, what would happen if Triple H gets total control of the WWE one day?

What Moxley Is Doing Now?

Jon Moxley

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Jon Moxley returned to the indie circuit after leaving the WWE. He is currently very prominent on AEW wrestling.

Mox spent some time at New Japan Pro Wrestling and continues to do so. However, he is mainly known for his work in AEW now. 

In the beginning, Mox had quite the interesting feud with Kenny Omega. However, this feud did lead to some trouble.

Mox ended up with a MRSA staph infection before All Out and that led to Pac taking Moxley’s place

However, Moxley would eventually beat Omega in a Lights Out match. Since then, Moxley faced Omega again in a exploding barbed wire death match.

This time however, Omega beat Moxley with some dirty tactics. Since then, Omega has been the AEW champion.

The feud between Omega and Moxley is far from over. Still, it seems AEW is heading in a different direction at the moment.

When Eddie Kingston went to the AEW roster, it was clear he had insane chemistry with Jon Moxley. Since then, the pair have teamed up.

Kingston and Jon Moxley are likely to take on The Elite in the nearby future. For now, it seems like AEW has been building up to that.

Moxley and Kingston could have some allies for that as well. At the moment, it looks like it could be Death Triangle.

Or maybe Mox and Kingston solely have the Young Bucks in their sights. Either way, it will make for some interesting wrestling television. 

So, if you have not checked up on Moxley since his WWE departure, it is time to do so now. 

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