is top superstar injured
source: custom, finn balor twitter screenshot

As RAW, SmackDown and NXT run through the UK, is a top Superstar injured? Plus, WWE announces a new partnership.

Is Top Superstar Injured

If you did not know, WWE is running a tour through the UK at the moment, with talent from all brands. Late Wednesday, reports emerged making us wonder: is a top Superstar injured?

And, if so, is it a major concern.

Per PWInsider, the Superstar is Finn Balor

Per the report, he was held off of the Tuesday show due to the concern that the top Superstar is injured. However, the report went on to indicate that, for now, this move seems more of an attempt to play things safe.

With luck, this is a minor thing that is quickly healed and that’s that.

is top superstar injured

source: custom, finn balor twitter screenshot

Of course, it’s hard to ignore that Finn Balor has been a bit snake-bit when it comes to the injury bug.  

It seems just about any time he gets a title, he is quickly injured. Perhaps it is an unfair characterization, but look at the history.

He will be remembered as the first-ever Universal Champion. However, he relinquished the belt almost immediately due to a shoulder injury.

More recently, on his 2nd run with NXT, he suffered another injury in the process of once again becoming NXT Champion.

Though, relative to that belt, we could also ask if it’s just the belt. Samoa Joe went back to the ring and became NXT Champion just a few months ago, and then also had to relinquish (though, that one seems a bit fishy, especially with the reboot).

Surely the folks running RAW are hoping Balor doesn’t miss time. After challenging Roman Reigns on SmackDown prior to the 2021 draft, surely RAW might have big plans for Balor?

WWE Announces New Partnership

In a bit of non-wrestling news, per se, WWE announces a new partnership.

The notion of partnerships, especially for WWE, is nothing new. They have plenty of entities that they are involved with.

Now, we can add another.

WWE announced a new partnership with the National Medal of Honor Foundation.

wwe announces new partnership

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The announcement, made in Texas as part of the WrestleMania ticket pre-sales kickoff, is an honorable and noteworthy effort.

Per the partnership, WWE is going to work with the foundation to build a museum in Texas. There will also be a memorial in Washington, DC.

In addition to the effort being tied to next year’s Texas-hosted WrestleMania, there will be a presence during this Sunday’s Tribute to the Troops.

With that show in mind, such a partnership between WWE and the National Medal of Honor Foundation just made sense. The company has long honored veterans and done numerous shows in support of them.

There is at least a little irony in this move. WWE is helping to build the foundation’s museum, while incapable (or unwilling) to build their own Hall of Fame.

With all the budget cuts going on now, it seems like a safe bet that a physical WWE Hall of Fame may not happen for a while.

In any case, it’s pretty exciting to see WWE announce this new partnership.


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