Finn Balor Main Roster
Source: VCW RP Company, Twitter, Screenshot

There is push for Finn Balor to join RAW or SmackDown and the WWE superstar is ready for a main roster return. Also, NXT’s Xia Li is set for a big push.

Finn Balor Wants Back On The Main Roster

When AEW announced Dynamite For Wednesday nights, WWE countered with NXT. That led to a ratings war, which AEW won.

Now, NXT has switched to Tuesday nights and AEW is moving from TNT to TBS starting in 2022. We will have to see if the changes result in better ratings and an overall product. 

When NXT left the WWE Network, the company tossed a surprise to the yellow and black brand. Finn Balor returned, after spending a few years on the main roster.

Currently, there is talk about WWE creative wanting Balor to return to the main roster. Since NXT is no longer battling Dynamite, they think is role is done.

While speaking to Out Of Character, Balor omitted that he wants to return to the main roster. That idea might not be met well from fans, who thought he was lost on RAW.

Finn Balor’s Reason For Rejoining WWE’s Main Roster

“Absolutely [the idea of returning to the main roster interests me],” said Balor. “Obviously, I grew up as a wrestling fan watching WWE and I feel like that is where I want to be performing.” 

“I feel like in my last run there I wasn’t doing myself justice. I needed to change something and I went to NXT and I found out who I was again.” 

“And, I managed to do that to some level and I’m hopeful at some level that RAW or SmackDown will happen in the future.”

When NXT was first starting, Balor was their biggest attraction. He held the NXT Championship for a lengthy reign.

Then, WWE divided up the rosters again and he was one of the first picks. This was followed by him winning the Universal Championship about a month later.

Although, the tittle reign lasted only a day as Balor was injured in his SummerSlam win against Seth Rollins. He returned and was featured in some big bouts and won belts, but he was never again at the top of the roster.

Upon returning to NXT, he quickly turned heel. Then, after Karrion Kross went down with an an injury, WWE needed to make quick adjustments. 

That resulted in Balor turning face and winning the NXT Championship for a second time. He was only a temporary holder of the belt as he dropped it last month Kross.

NXT Star Set For Big Push

Source: VCW RP Company, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE is always looking for the next star and they have started to do something differently lately. They have been focusing on talent outside of the United States as they seek to grow their exposure.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how they are pushing Xia Li. They see her as a possible big star for the Chinese market.

On NXT this week, they shot an angle with Mercedes Martinez. It appears, Li is going after Martinez in her biggest test to date.

“The deal with Xia Li – in WWE right now, there’s a big movement to have international stars for certain markets,” said Meltzer. “Xia’s got some charisma, she’s got the martial arts ability.” 

“When she does her stuff it kinda looks good and everything. But, that’s the whole thing, she’s a project.” 

“Mercedes has been around for probably close to 20 years, so Mercedes’ job is to help season Xia Li. So that’s why they’re doing that program now.”

Li’s gimmick is still in the early stages, so we will have to see if it works. Still, she has been given lots of attention and could be used to add some substance back into the women’s division.