bray wyatt goes hollywood
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Wrestling fans have waited long enough…now we know…the former Bray Wyatt is going Hollywood. Plus, Doudrop reacts to a Superstar release, and her response might surprise you.

Bray Wyatt Going Hollywood

Since his somewhat stunning WWE release, fans have wondered where Wyndham Rotunda would land. Now, we know for his next move, Bray Wyatt is going Hollywood.

The move is likely not all that shocking, when you lay out all the pieces.

For one thing, look at his final WWE characters- The Fiend, along with the Firefly Funhouse and all associated acts-were often heavily produced.

Then, of course, there were Wyatt’s cinematic matches that we took in during the pandemic (and even long before).

So, how did Bray Wyatt end up going Hollywood? What are those lined up pieces?

Tom Savini, a well-known name in the horror movie business (as an actor at times, and more for his makeup), made The Fiend mask for Wyatt.

And then there is this Tweet that ties it all together:

Tom Savini’s Makeup Effects Partner Jason Baker Making a Movie With Pro Wrestler Bray Wyatt

— Bloody Disgusting (@BDisgusting) November 9, 2021

Reports showed Bray Wyatt in Hollywood, on the Warner Brothers lot, at the end of October. With the news now, it seems likely there was some final discussions around this new project.

bray wyatt goes hollywood

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So, Bray Wyatt goes Hollywood…

Per the news story, Wyndham Rotunda-and all others attached to the project-will begin shooting later this month.

Again, not a shock, it will be a horror project, which seems right up the former Bray Wyatt’s alley.

Per the report, the movie won’t (can’t, really) have any linkage to any of Bray Wyatt’s WWE identities.

Of course, this does not remove the former Fiend from getting back into the ring.

If anything, it just buys him time, and it makes sense to work in the film now. Once the filming is wrapped, Rotunda will have nothing pulling him away from working for another promotion.

The timing is interesting, in that it came out after his non-compete expired. It seems unlikely that his WWE non-compete prevented him from shooting a movie, but who knows?

With the film project, the former WWE Superstar becomes just the latest pro wrestler to head to Hollywood.

Doudrop Praises Eva Marie

WWE cut loose 18 more talents last week, and now Doudrop reacts to one Superstar release in particular.

Doudrop, the former Piper Niven in NXT UK, showed up earlier this year to serve as the muscle for Eva Marie.

Eva Marie was one of the 18 to get released last week.

doudrop reacts to superstar release

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As it turns out, Eva Marie didn’t just serve as the on screen partner and mentor of Doudrop.

The WWE Superstar, during the recent tour through the UK, spoke with Metro. One topic was her reaction to the Superstar’s release.

Doudrop was crushed about Eva Marie’s release, calling the former Superstar a true mentor and friend.

The former Piper Niven noted that Eva Marie truly helped the young Superstar move over from NXT to the main roster.

It’s an interesting response to the Superstar’s release. Many fans were stunned that Eva Marie somehow came back to WWE.

Neither her first, nor her most recent run, were anything of note.

However, it seems for at least one Superstar, Eva Marie was a true mentor backstage. For that, Doudrop said she hopes to see Eva Marie back in WWE down the road.

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