lana books first post-wwe appearance
source: custom, CJ Perry Twitter screenshot

We knew it would eventually happen, and now Lana books her first post-WWE appearance. Plus, an AEW star has been suspended following an offensive segment.

Lana Books First Post-WWE Appearance

It’s really no surprise, following her release, but it has happened. Lana books her first post-WWE appearance…but it surely won’t be her last.

No, we can’t confirm Lana is heading to AEW…yet. Give it time, that one is bound to happen.

lana books first post-wwe appearance

source: custom, CJ Perry Twitter screenshot

According to reports, Lana will be one of the notable performers appearing at the Legends of Wrestling convention.

The event takes place in October in New Jersey, if plans hold.

If you take a look at the convention website, Lana will be one of a number of recent former WWE Superstars taking part.

A quick glance shows such notables as the artists formerly known as Breezango, Lars Sullivan, Enzo and Big Cass.

Plus, if you want, there’s also the former Mojo Rawley. Some AEW talent is on display too (like Matt Hardy).

If UFC tickles your fancy, there is also Miesha Tate.

If the wrestling convention isn’t your thing, perhaps reality television is?

Because on top of starting to get out and work the convention scene, CJ Perry also confirmed a new TV role.

With her non-compete ending soon enough, it seems a safe bet we will be seeing more from Lana soon.

AEW Star Suspended

After a segment in poor taste, an AEW star has been suspended.

Honestly, considering the content and it’s reception, the move is not shocking.

The star who was suspended is Max Caster.

aew star suspended

source: custom, Twitter screenshot

What got him in trouble was a segment where he took shots at Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.

Well, that and some other lines, really.

If you don’t know, Caster mimics R-Truth, rapping his way to the ring.

Recently, his rap included shots at Simone Biles and her recent mental health issues. It didn’t stop there.

He also decided it was worth bringing up the notorious Duke lacrosse case as well.

Basically, a lot of things that would have been better off left not said, for a variety of reasons.

Still, as a young star, you want to get noticed. Max Caster did…and now the AEW star has been suspended.

AEW pulled his match from Tuesday’s Dark, per reports:

Now, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

One question some have raised is, did Max Caster-a younger talent-do this all on his own? Or did he actually run the content past a producer or agent first and get approval?

If it’s the first scenario, then he is getting his punishment and it’s clear why.

However, if someone approved it? There may be more coming, but that is purely speculation at this point.

At the end of the day, Max Caster’s rap would have likely been fine in the Attitude Era. It will not, however, work in 2021.