Goldberg’s Deal Almost Over, WWE Nixed WrestleMania Match

goldberg deal almost over
source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

This may be good or bad news, depending on your perspective…but Goldberg’s deal is almost over. Plus, in a surprise move, WWE nixed a WrestleMania 37 match.

Goldberg’s Deal Almost Over

This might make you happy, or it may make you sad…but Goldberg’s deal is almost over.

In a rather unorthodox move, Goldberg mentioned that his deal is almost over on WWE’s The Bump.

During the interview, the Hall of Famer specified that his current deal has only two more matches left.

goldberg deal almost over

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

WWE deals are very rarely discussed, especially on official WWE platforms.

The last time I can recall such openness about a deal’s status was when the then-Dean Ambrose was leaving the company.

Could also lump Renee Young in there too, as the company afforded her a farewell message around this time last year.

However, outside of the now-routine releases, WWE and its Superstars rarely comment so specifically about what’s left on their deals.

That said, when mentioning that his deal is almost over, Goldberg might have keyed on the two matches remaining for a reason.

He was sure to make mention that he’s got no rooting interest in the match between Roman Reigns and John Cena. 

As he put it…he has not fought either Superstar. He did seem interested in taking on either or both at some point…but first, Lashley on Saturday.

There are a few ways we might see Goldberg and WWE use those two matches. Some of that depends on what happens Saturday.

Win or lose, we know that WWE is currently slated to head back to Saudi Arabia in the fall. A major name such as Goldberg is likely someone we will see as a main attraction for that show.

Of course, even in spite of the numerous cuts “for budget reasons”, if WWE feels they can make money off of more Goldberg matches…and Goldberg wants to work and earn…that deal may be extended.

WWE Nixed WrestleMania Match

Sure, the show was many months ago now…but we are now learning that WWE nixed an intriguing WrestleMania match.

wwe nixed wrestlemania match

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

According to both Drew McIntyre and Sheamus, they pushed to have their feud end with a WrestleMania match.

Instead, things wrapped up at Fastlane.

It sort of worked out for both, in that Drew got to challenge Lashley one last time for the WWE Championship. Sheamus used his different WrestleMania match to claim the United States Championship.

In talking with BT, it sounds like both would love a chance to really go big for a another match in front of fans, even though they’ve moved on.

I can’t say I would hate revisiting Wembley, either.

Sure, there would be logistics to deal with in terms of time zone differences and whatnot. But if we see the Saudi shows live, if WWE airs NXT UK live…why not?

Plus, to me,  SummerSlam from Wembley was one of those big show memories. Big stadium, incredible fans, some awesome entrances…what’s not to love?

WWE may have nixed their WrestleMania match. Perhaps they get another shot on a similarly big stage?