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Now that he is officially signed, there are some rumored WWE plans for Gable Steveson that are worth talking about. Plus, now that they work together again, are there any issues with CM Punk and Colt Cabana in AEW?

WWE Plans For Gable Steveson

The move has been a long time coming, and the company finally got their much-wanted target. Now that he’s on board, what are the WWE plans for Gable Steveson?

According to the Wrestling Observer, they could be quite massive.

Steveson had been a much-sought after free agent, with interest from UFC and the NFL as well. 

His dream gig was with WWE, and now he is a part of things. The contract and terms are both unique, and an indication of the plans WWE might have for him.

WWE will be setting up a training site for Gable Steveson closer to campus at the University of Minnesota. Thanks to the new Name-Image-Likeness ruling, Steveson was able to sign with WWE while still completing his final year of eligibility for the Golden Gophers.

wwe plans for gable steveson

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The expectation is that we may see him show up in the near future on WWE television. One curious question there is, will WWE get him physically involved as soon as possible?

While he is a gifted amateur wrestler, he still needs to learn to run the ropes and bump…so he’s got a bit to go.

Another caveat there is…will Steveson want to risk his senior season, if he possibly gets injured during a WWE appearance.

Those decisions will play out soon enough.

However, how big are the plans?

Per the Observer, Steveson might skip the NXT experience entirely. That may or may not be a good thing…but if the Olympic champion proves to be a quick study at his special facility…then why not?

Not only might he be fast-tracked to the main roster…but he could rapidly be in line for a massive match with…Brock Lesnar.

The connection between the two is no secret. Steveson calls himself a Paul Heyman guy, and he’s rubbed elbows with Lesnar, himself a former Gopher.

It is entirely possible that we could be seeing a long and slow build to a student-versus-teacher type clash at a future WrestleMania. With one career just starting, and one likely winding down, it could be a bit of a passing of the torch.

And, with both Superstars pretty big names, WWE likely sees it as a match with plenty of mass appeal.

Any Issues With CM Punk And Colt Cabana?

These two stars have had a rough recent history…so are there any issues with CM Punk and Colt Cabana, now that both work for AEW?

While people might love for there to be drama, according to Dave Meltzer’s report in the Observer…there are no issues.

You may recall that Punk and Cabana used to be on great terms. Through the course of a legal battle with WWE doctors, things took an unpleasant turn.

And just like that, they weren’t friends anymore.

cm punk colt cabana

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However, per the report, there is no indication of any backstage heat or issues between the two.

Both men are long-time veterans and, by all accounts, model pros when in the building.

While there could be some animosity harbored by one or both men, it has not bubbled up.

That doesn’t mean it never will, but for now, they are on the same page working to make AEW the best company out there.

With that in mind, it’s also a question of…how much interaction in AEW do they have? But in any case, everything is coming up roses for AEW.