CM Punk-Colt Cabana Legal Feud Dies + Usos Return Date

CM Punk And Colt Cabana End Legal Feud

-In a strange wrinkle to a long and interesting tale, former (and possibly future?) WWE Superstar CM Punk and Colt Cabana have seen their dueling lawsuits dropped, thus ending their legal predicament.

The pair had, at one point in the not too distant past, been friends. They were involved in a suit with WWE over medical treatment, which didn’t seem to go so well. At some point things between the two soured, leading them to sue one another.

Over the weekend, a fan and Punk exchanged some posts on Twitter. It seems, based on what Punk had to say, that he never wanted any of the legal entanglements, however once the suits were filed he was prepared to see things thorough till the end.

Some of the tweets in the grander thread do have some spicier language, just as a warning.

When Will The Usos Return?

-While we have not seen Jimmy and Jey Uso in a bit, it appears our wait to see the brothers back on WWE programming is about to end.

While WWE has not yet announced or confirmed anything (and they may opt to keep this one a surprise too), all signs are pointing to a return of The Usos as part of the bigger Friday Fox debut for SmackDown Live at the end of this week.

The timing would likely make sense, as one can imagine their cousin Roman Reigns could use some backup as he feuds with Harper and Rowan (and probably Daniel Bryan again at some point).

Should Reigns find himself in need of help, a run in by his cousins would make a lot of sense.