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The CM Punk, Darby Allin and Sting promo from AEW Dynamite allowed all three wrestlers to go out there and speak without any script. Also, 2021 Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, Gable Steveson signed with WWE in a major score for the company.

CM Punk – Darby Allin Promo Unscripted

The night CM Punk officially appeared on AEW TV, he quickly issued a challenge to Darby Allin. And, just like that, Punk’s in-ring return was set as he battles Darby at All Out.

The two had an intense moment on AEW Dynamite. They cleared the ring of other wrestlers and went nose to nose.

On Oral Sessions with Renée Paquette, Punk noted now their promo was unscripted. Punk continued how he mentioned to Tony Khan what he would say and there would be no problems. 

“Tony trusts people to go out there,” said Punk. “Going forward, we’ll all learn from our mistakes.” 

“If somebody gets the microphone and goes out there, and Tony has trust in them, and they blow it, that person probably won’t have that freedom anymore or it will get limited. It’s not writers in a room who don’t watch wrestling writing stuff for characters that they don’t understand, so you don’t have individual voices.”

“Me and Sting have an individual voice. I can’t tell Sting what he’s going to say. Sting can’t tell me and Darby doesn’t know what he’s going to say.” 

“You have three different generations who talk three different ways and Tony trusts us to come up with the best possible stuff. That segment we did, I don’t think it could have gone any better.”

It has been seven years since Punk wrestled, so there are going to be questions. Paring him with Darby should make for one of the top matches on a stacked AEW card.

All Out is today and on paper, it looks like a great AEW pay per view.

Gable Steveson Joins WWE

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In one of the biggest moments at the 2021 Olympics, Gable Steveson won the gold medal in wrestling. The American pulled off the finish as time expired.

Since then, he has been getting attention from everyone and appearing everywhere. Bellator, UFC, WWE, NFL and Hollywood were just a few of the companies looking to sign Gable.

In the end, Dave Meltzer reports Vince McMahon signed Gable. There is no start date and he will likely head to the WWE Performance Center first.

Gable made an appearance at SummerSlam a few weeks back. He mostly appeared before the live crowd and maybe that move by Vince is why Gable signed.

Vince is redoing NXT and eventually, Gable could become a big star there. Then, he can join the main roster.

Some have compared him to the likes of Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. Actually, Gable is friends with Paul Heyman, so that could lead to something down the line.

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