Vince McMahon WWE NXt
Sources: WWE on BT Sport, Twitter, Screenshot

The “reset” of the WWE NXT brand takes place on September 14th. A new report indicates that Vince McMahon, along with Bruce Prichard, is set to produce the show, moving forward.

Vince McMahon To Produce WWE NXT

WWE’s Chairman and CEO, along with the Senior VP & Executive Director will produce the NXT shows when the brand “resets” later this month. The USA Network will once again air live shows, as of September 14th.

The debut of the NXT’s “revamp” will feature Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis’s wedding. It will also unveil a new theme song, new logo, new overall “look”, and new creative direction.

Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez notes that Prichard and McMahon will produce the weekly program when NXT’s “revamp” debuts. Dave Meltzer adds that they are now responsible for the “big” decisions, not the small ones.

More On Vince McMahon & “Revamp” Of WWE NXT

Meltzer also states the two WWE big whigs will be in charge of promotion, direction, and marketing of NXT. In terms of creative, Prichard and VKM might only be booking the top wrestlers of the brand.

The buzz is NXT will be like the “old NXT”. This reference was NXT circa 2015-2018 when the brand hit its “peak”.

Mat Men podcast’s Andrew Zarian reveals Vince has been “hands-on” with the NXT brand as of late. This will continue, moving forward.

No mention of what these changes at NXT mean for HHH and his team. This includes WWE Hall of Famers “Road Dogg” BG James and Shawn Michaels.

Nick Khan, WWE President, recently stated that a “revamp” to NXT would be coming soon. Additionally, rapper Wale revealed a new logo for the brand with a snippet of a new theme song on social media.

More on the NXT reset will be coming down the pipe soon. Stayed tuned WNZ fans!

Meanwhile, the WWE Universe has been privy to a two-night WrestleMania for the past two years. This is all thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and restriction guidelines.

With that said, many fans have enjoyed the weekend-long WM. Could this tradition continue?

2-Night WrestleMania 38

Fightful Select reports that WM 36 and 37 have received a positive response. While WrestleMania 38 seems to be scheduled for one night, this could all change.

Vince McMahon WWE NXT

Source: Fan in a Van Podcast, Twitter, Screenshot

Right now, WM 38 is scheduled for Sunday, April 3, 2022, in Arlington, Texas. While plans change a lot in the WWE, the company seems to be leaning towards a two-night event again.

Several within the WWE were pushing for other venues and cities right up until Allegiant Stadium was announced for SummerSlam. As well, the superstars seem on board with this.

The Response All Around Has Been Positive

There was a positive response from the roster for a two-night ‘Mania. Actually, the response was pretty much unanimous.

If the fans, superstars, and management are on board, there’s a good chance this will happen. Then there’s the “money” factor.

As well, a two-night WM doubles revenues. This alone would make VKM want to proceed!

Will the two-night Wrestlemania trend continue into 2022? Only time will tell!