WWE Hall Fame Change
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As previously noted, WWE is inducting both the 2020 and 2021 Hall of Fame classes this year. While one change has been a cut in time for speeches, seems like there is yet another major one on the horizon for the big event.

WWE Hall Of Fame Change Set

As two classes are being inducted in one ceremony for this year’s WWE Hall of Fame (HOF), it would make sense that there would be some tweaks to the HOF ceremonies. After all, these events tend to drag on as it is.

As per PW Insider, there won’t be any inductors this time around at the HOF. Rather, a video package will be presented to introduce the HOF inductees, so that they can accept their honor and give a speech.

This Isn’t The Only Change This Year

As there are so many inductees to fit into this year’s show, changes were needed to shave some time off the event. This is to ensure every HOF inductee in both classes gets an opportunity at the podium.

As per a previous WNZ update, HOF speeches have been cut to three to five minutes, this year. A major difference from some that have been up to 15 minutes in the past.

The Bella Twins noted on a recent podcast that they had to cut their speech down to three minutes each. This will allow both Nikki and Brie to say a few words.

It’ll be interesting to see how the HOF unfolds this year.

It’s officially WrestleMania week! With it comes a ton of buzz about what will happen on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

The card is jam-packed, spread over two days. One has to wonder the direction the WWE will go with the opening match.

Big WrestleMania 37 Opening Teased

It takes a lot of strategic thinking when it comes to deciding who closes WrestleMania. After all, main eventing WM is the holy grail that many WWE superstars reach for. Not everyone gets to do it.

WWE Hall Fame Change

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The same could be said about the opening match, which sets the tone for the entire card. The big question is, who will open WM 37, this year on night one?

There’s a ton of pressure on the WWE this year when it comes to ‘Mania. Not only are we talking about the company’s flagship event, but it’s also the first time live fans will be in attendance at a WWE event in over a year.

Bryan Alvarez recently noted during a Wrestling Observer Live on which match “he thinks” will open WM 37.

Championship Match

A title match of any kind is always a fun one to open the event. Alvarez stated he believes the WWE Championship match where Drew McIntyre will challenge Bobby Lashley will open WM 37 on night one.

According to Alvarez, this is something Drew noted that he’d “love to do”.

As previously stated, it’s the very first match with a live crowd in a while. As a WWE superstar, if you can’t be the closing match, you’d want to be the first one this year.

Drew McIntyre is bound to get a major pop once his music hits.

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