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Will Adam Cole Be On AEW This Week, What Next For WALTER?

A question on every fan's mind: will Adam Cole be on AEW TV this week? And now that he lost the title, what's next for WALTER in NXT?

We know he worked his last NXT match on Sunday…so will Adam Cole be on AEW this week? And after his title loss at Takeover, what is next for WALTER?

Will Adam Cole Be On AEW This Week

He might be the hottest free agent going, so will Adam Cole be on AEW this week?

Just to recap, before we give you that news…Adam Cole worked what has been said is his last NXT match on Sunday.

At that Takeover, Cole lost, 2 out of 3 falls, to Kyle O’Reilly.

Adam Cole had been working on a very short term contract extension. The understanding is his WWE contract expired earlier in the summer, and that all involved agreed to an extension through Takeover.

Now that the NXT PPV is done, Adam Cole is a free man…right?

Not so fast.

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According to Fightful, Cole’s short extension actually runs through August 27th. That means he isn’t even a free agent until the weekend, thus no way he could appear on AEW television.

Of course, that also assumes he has no non-compete language. It’s possible any non-compete clause was done away with when he agreed to the extension.

Otherwise, NXT talent typically have a 30 day clause, versus 90 for main roster releases. Then again, depending on contractual language, an expired contract might not be subject to the same non-competes as a release would be.

See…non-competes can be funny, right?

So, for now…we don’t know where Adam Cole works next, or even when.

The expectation is WWE will make him an offer-if they haven’t already. It’s also expected that AEW will offer him, as he has many friends there too.

I’d say the popular opinion has Cole jumping to AEW as soon as he can-his better half is there, as are many he’s worked with over the years.

But, keep in mind that Cole could have left WWE a couple months ago. He had to agree to the extension too…and he did.

When word of his extension leaked, it was reported that he was one of those more upset about it leaking. 

Maybe he was upset because he felt WWE leaked it out to make him look bad…or maybe he was unhappy because he wanted to work on his extension, and new contract, in peace.

Either way, we should know soon enough.

What Next For WALTER?

He has been one of the most dominant champions during his time with NXT, so what is next for WALTER?

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His historic NXT UK title reign ended on Sunday. He was defeated by Ilya Dragunov in a great match.

But will WALTER try to regain a title he held for over 800 days? It’s fair to ask what could be next for WALTER.

Fans will remember, WWE had long desired to sign the Austrian performer. As reports went at the time, he long turned them down.

His reasoning? WALTER had no desire to move to the United States.

At the time of the earliest recruiting, NXT United Kingdom didn’t exist.

Once the brand came into existence, WWE had a path to bring WALTER into the fold. 

Since he arrived, he’s been dominant. He has worked a number of NXT main roster matches in Florida over the last year…so could we see WALTER come over?

It seems there is a desire for him to do just that. Many NXT UK alums have done exactly that, either for a stretch, or permanently.

We’ve seen Pete Dunne do it. Rhea Ripley and Piper Niven have as well.

Most recently, Kay Lee Ray has come over from NXT UK to chase the NXT Women’s Championship.

Will WALTER stay stateside and chase the NXT Championship, currently held by Samoa Joe?

The interest is there from WWE. As a fan, it’s hard not to be excited by a match pitting Joe against WALTER.

Time will tell if WALTER wants to stick around. With Superstars moving to the main roster, or leaving completely, there is certainly room for a top heel such as the Ring General.

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